Apple watch or a Swiss luxury watch: Apple’s name has always been synonymous to luxury and with its recent launch of a $10,000 smartwatch; it has finally made a dramatic entry in luxury watch market.

Social media and market experts went wild discussing the innovative features of the watch and its whopping price tag.

But does it really make sense to buy a $10,000k worth Apple smartwatch against the loyalists of the Swiss watch industry.

In this post, we’ll compare the features and value of Apple smartwatch edition over a $10K Swiss luxury watch. And whether Apple device proves to be a true investment timepiece?

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Even though Apple’s luxury smartwatch lacks history, it is hardly going to affect the demand of the product, making it a mass market product.

On the other hand, exclusive Swiss made luxury watches come with a great value, which keeps adding year by year. Swiss watch market is an altogether different industry.

The Features: Apple Smartwatch vs. Swiss Luxury Watch

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Apparently, it is difficult to predict the retaining value of Apple’s smartwatch.

But one thing we know for sure, luxury Swiss watches have been there forever and there’s nothing that can outshine them, in terms of both features and investment value.

The $10,000 Apple Watch edition boasts 18 karat gold-case with different straps. However, the electronic part of the watch is quite similar to any cheaper $300 aluminium smartwatch model.

Apple’s higher price includes the precious metal and the exclusivity of design that it offers.

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According to market experts, about 7.5 million units of the Apple IWatch were sold in the first half of 2015, and about 20 million is estimated to be sold by the first half of 2016.

Experts have also said that the Apple Smartwatch is much likely to likely eat away the market for regular luxury watches, since they are offering better features in the same price range.

Residual Value: $10k Apple Watch vs. Swiss Luxury Watches

Market Analysts aren’t really concerned about whether Apple Watch will be a hit with high-end buyers, but in fact are certain that those buyers will see this smartwatch as complementary treat for collectors of Swiss watches.

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You can envision collectors wearing their favorite watch on left hand, and Apple’s smartwatch on the other. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing the best of both worlds.

Essentially, the Apple smartwatch is an electronic device, and there’s always a chance of outdated software, making the model redundant.

On the other hand, a mechanical Swiss-made luxury watch will stay put and keep delivering precision, without any failure.

Apple Watch or A Swiss Luxury Watch: Conclusion

So, how compatible will Apple watch will be 50 years later? Even if the company releases 50 new updates, there is no guarantee that it will retain its charm.

In 50 years’ time, a traditional Swiss luxury watch will prove to be much more valuable than any technologically advanced smartwatch.

Moreover, a Swiss watch is always considered to be an investment piece, but we can’t say the same for Apple’s software based smartwatch. So what is your take? What would you prefer, a $10k apple watch or a Swiss luxury watch?