Best Watch Brands to buy in 2017: Bestseller lower-end to entry level luxury brand watches for men and women. Low budget but high-end quality watches.

What are the top watch brands? What it takes to be the best watch brand? Your wristwatch should meet your specific requirements — your style, taste, preferences, profession, and budget among other things.

In short, your watch should match your personality. However, with so many watch brands and models available, getting a perfect timepiece that match to your personality type and budget is not easy.

If you are a serious watch lover, this article is for you. In this post we’ve picked the top 35 best watch brands — ranked them by price range — starting from the most affordable watches (as less as $10) to the most expensive luxury watch brands (as much as 10000$).

Here are the most popular watch brands. Let us discuss them one by one, in detail:

A. Best Watch Brands – Budget Watches under $50

1) Casio Watches, $10+

Casio G100-1BV mens-watch-review-hubnet

Yes, you can own this Casio MRW200H 1BV Black Resin Watch for little over $10. Headquartered in Japan, Casio started its watchmaking journey in November 1974 with Casiotron, an electronic wristwatch. Casio followed it with 31-CS10B, which introduced CASIO LCD wristwatches to buyers.

Casio introduced several watch models later, each backed by technologies to serve set purposes. The G-SHOCK, for example, was introduced In April 1983. G-SHOCK was the first of its kind in shock absorption and became a signature product of the brand worldwide.

The current G-SHOCK collection retains the sturdiness that makes it ideal for rougher terrains, harsher marine and aerial conditions. Variations in colors, band material, and utilities, make for an extensive collection under this range.

Some models feature atomic timing utility for specified countries–the watch receives radio signals from authorized data transmission points at the specified countries and adjusts accordingly to display accurate time at the location.

There are multiple other features too, depending on the model, including backlight, solar power, LED light, sensor and timer, among others.

Bluetooth Sports Gear, featuring Bluetooth technology, caters to sports enthusiasts while Sports is ideal for athletes as well.

If you are looking for some environment-friendly timekeeping, you have the Pro Trek, which runs on solar power. The Wave Ceptor series is handy if you desire a chronograph on your device.

In addition to tough gear, Casio also has several collections for daily wear and casual occasions. Casio has a range of bestseller timepieces in their respective range making it one of the best watch brands for men and women, both.

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2) Armitron Watches, $15+

womens-Armitron 752433BLK Diamond-watch

If you are looking for a watch that does its job, lasts long, and is available at an affordable price, then Armitron could impress you. However, if you are a watch connoisseur in search of masterpieces in design and precision, Armitron may disappoint you.

Having been in the business since 1950, Armitron has been making affordable watches for 60 years now. Armitron’s men’s range showcases timepieces for every occasion, from daily wear to casual outings and special occasions. You can find watches that fit your needs across $45 to $155 price range.

Armitron’s watches come with solid colors and reliable features. You can find features such as stainless steel make; leather bands and bracelets; and utilities that include date display, chronograph etc., incorporated in these timepieces.

You could consider the Armitron skeleton dial range if a view of inner watch movements interests you. If you are a Quartz fan, the good news is that most Armitron watches use Japanese Quartz technology. Armitron’s range includes both digital and analog watches.

There is also a separate range of digital sports watches with features such as lap time, chronograph, good water resistance depth, and safe and durable design that a Sports Watch demands.

Armitron is a good buy if affordability and durability are your primary concerns when buying a watch – among the top watch brands for women.

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