Best Watch Brands to buy in 2017: Bestseller lower-end to entry level luxury brand watches for men and women. Low budget but high-end quality watches.

What are the top watch brands? What it takes to be the best watch brand? Your wristwatch should meet your specific requirements — your style, taste, preferences, profession, and budget among other things.

In short, your watch should match your personality. However, with so many watch brands and models available, getting a perfect timepiece that match to your personality type and budget is not easy.

If you are a serious watch lover, this article is for you. In this post we’ve picked the top 35 best watch brands — ranked them by price range — starting from the most affordable watches (as less as $10) to the most expensive luxury watch brands (as much as 10000$).

Here are the most popular watch brands. Let us discuss them one by one, in detail:

A. Best Watch Brands – Budget Watches under $50

1) Casio Watches, $10+

Casio G100-1BV mens-watch-review-hubnet

Yes, you can own this Casio MRW200H 1BV Black Resin Watch for little over $10. Headquartered in Japan, Casio started its watchmaking journey in November 1974 with Casiotron, an electronic wristwatch. Casio followed it with 31-CS10B, which introduced CASIO LCD wristwatches to buyers.

Casio introduced several watch models later, each backed by technologies to serve set purposes. The G-SHOCK, for example, was introduced In April 1983. G-SHOCK was the first of its kind in shock absorption and became a signature product of the brand worldwide.

The current G-SHOCK collection retains the sturdiness that makes it ideal for rougher terrains, harsher marine and aerial conditions. Variations in colors, band material, and utilities, make for an extensive collection under this range.

Some models feature atomic timing utility for specified countries–the watch receives radio signals from authorized data transmission points at the specified countries and adjusts accordingly to display accurate time at the location.

There are multiple other features too, depending on the model, including backlight, solar power, LED light, sensor and timer, among others.

Bluetooth Sports Gear, featuring Bluetooth technology, caters to sports enthusiasts while Sports is ideal for athletes as well.

If you are looking for some environment-friendly timekeeping, you have the Pro Trek, which runs on solar power. The Wave Ceptor series is handy if you desire a chronograph on your device.

In addition to tough gear, Casio also has several collections for daily wear and casual occasions. Casio has a range of bestseller timepieces in their respective range making it one of the best watch brands for men and women, both.

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2) Armitron Watches, $15+

womens-Armitron 752433BLK Diamond-watch

If you are looking for a watch that does its job, lasts long, and is available at an affordable price, then Armitron could impress you. However, if you are a watch connoisseur in search of masterpieces in design and precision, Armitron may disappoint you.

Having been in the business since 1950, Armitron has been making affordable watches for 60 years now. Armitron’s men’s range showcases timepieces for every occasion, from daily wear to casual outings and special occasions. You can find watches that fit your needs across $45 to $155 price range.

Armitron’s watches come with solid colors and reliable features. You can find features such as stainless steel make; leather bands and bracelets; and utilities that include date display, chronograph etc., incorporated in these timepieces.

You could consider the Armitron skeleton dial range if a view of inner watch movements interests you. If you are a Quartz fan, the good news is that most Armitron watches use Japanese Quartz technology. Armitron’s range includes both digital and analog watches.

There is also a separate range of digital sports watches with features such as lap time, chronograph, good water resistance depth, and safe and durable design that a Sports Watch demands.

Armitron is a good buy if affordability and durability are your primary concerns when buying a watch – among the top watch brands for women.

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3) Timex Watches, $20+

Timex T2N651 Unisex Watch Nylon Band

Established in 1854, Timex is today the Timex Group, which deals in jewelry and watches. The company is headquartered in Connecticut, USA, and handles the design and production of its watches.

The Timex Waterbury collection is a commemorative model released to mark the company’s completion of 160 years in watchmaking. The INDIGLO night-light – a signature feature of Timex watches – is found in some models.

INDIGLO technology lends luminosity to the watch display making the entire dial clearly readable at nights. Most models come with a leather strap of varying colors. The chronograph models feature two sub-dials, date display and an analog quartz movement.

The Timex Expedition is an outdoor watch range built to withstand rougher terrains. Digital and analog models are available. A sturdy case design and multiple features including chronograph, INDIGLO night-light, time zone, alarm, compass, and timers, are highlights of this series.

For more features, there is the Intelligent Quartz range, which, specific to model, has a tidal level indicator, depth trackers, and a fly-back chronograph (a feature that enables the watch to complete three activities with one press of the button, instead of the standard three button presses–stop existing timer, reinitialize it to zero, and restart the timer anew).

The Metropolitan+ comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be linked virtually to your phone. The watch can operate without charging for more than a year.

Other prominent features include activity tracking capability, interchangeable leather straps of different colors, water resistance depth up to 50M, and INDIGLO night-light.

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4) U.S. Polo Assn. Watches, $20+


U.S. Polo: Best sports watch brand. Primarily a sports apparel brand, U.S. Polo Assn., has in its portfolio a range of lifestyle accessories that includes watches. The company sells products sanctioned by United States Polo Association (USPA) – the official entity that has been regulating the Sport in USA since 1890.

The classic line of the brand has Quartz-powered models carrying mostly a polo pony symbol at 60 clock position. Depending on the model, rectangular or round faces; colored dials; digital or Arabic marker/ indices; leather straps or steel bracelets; luminous dial pointers; crown protector; stationary bezel; feature on the watches.

Distinctive dial designs make for an interesting classic collection; you can find simple and clean dials as well as dials sporting complicated designs such as basket-weave, sun-ray and linked-triangle patterns; other dial features include rectangular stick time-markers, and an outer seconds-indicating dial ring.

Models in the sports line come with an obvious rugged design, Quartz movement and some solid colors; you can find bold orange, tough blue and heavy white besides jet-black.

Collection is rendered diverse with different strap materials – bands of rubber, silicone and leather, and metal bracelets – and patterns –contrasting stitches, double textures, and silicone links, etc.

One of the top best watch brands, the U.S. Polo Assn. model-specific design features and complications in the sports range include chronograph, time display (dual time indicators can be seen on some models), luminous dial pointers, unidirectional rotating bezel, alarm, backlight, and digital sub-dials.

5) Akribos Watches, $20+

best watch brands-akribos

Akribos: best affordable ladies watch brand. Akribos watches can at best be described as colorful, trendy, functional and affordable. The range and variety of watches offered by the brand are large.

Each line targets audiences of specific interests and showcases multiple useful features to impress. Akribos’ range employs Quartz movements (Swiss/Japanese) predominantly.

If you prefer the practical convenience of a no-manual-winding-necessary timepiece, you have several options in Akribos’ models. If you are a lover of heavy watches, Akribos has an impressive array in its men’s collection to suit your taste.

From variation in colors and straps to inclusion of utilities, each model in the Akribos men’s collection has different features to offer. Some models come with a genuine leather strap in bold colors while some use a lustrous stainless steel bracelet.

Depending on the model, Akribos dials come in attractive colors including blue, black, grey, gunmetal and silver. You could also choose from models that come with utilities such as chronograph, water resistance, date and dual time.

With its large range of collection, bold colors, stylish look, durable design, and affordable pricing, Akribos definitely offers more for less. But, if you are in search of luxury watches that display exquisite craftsmanship in design and movement, and style and function, then Akribos may not be for you. Source: Akribos

6) Swatch Watches, $35

best watch brands-swatch

Swatch was established in 1983 following the merger of two Swiss watchmaking companies, ASUAG and SSIH. The Brand formed its identity through affordable Swiss-made plastic watches of unconventional designs.

The contemporary Swatch catalogue retains the quirkiness along with some classic models. Swatch SISTEM51 was released in 2013; models feature a mechanical automatic self-winding movement, which translates into a non-battery watch that derives its energy to operate from the wearer’s wrist and hand movements.

Variations in Swatch SISTEM51 watches come in novel color combinations and designs; the SISTEM BLUE for example, sports a midnight black and blue color with a dot-and-map design accentuated by little red spots on a clean black dial.

The SISTEM GREEN is an aqua-green watch with orange dial markers and a silicone strap; the case back is see-through, revealing the watch movements inside.

The Swatch watch O-TINI might interest you if you prefer transparent models. An aqua-blue dial sports a white index design with a transparent bezel bearing blue markers, around it.

The dial is see-through, giving a view of the watch movements within. The dial pointers use Super-LumiNova technology, which make them clear at night. A blue plastic strap with a buckle clasp completes the watch design.

The Swatch AMORGOS watch is a different white-wading-through-yellow pattern. AMORGOS features a yellow dial and strap; a stretch of striking white runs from one end of the strap to the other touching the center of the dial on the way. Grey numerals and accents cover the dial.

B. Best Watch Brands – Budget Watches $50-$100 Range

7) Seiko Watches, $50+

best watch brands-Seiko

Seiko was established in 1881. In 1969, the company launched its quartz watch, the first-ever for the world. In 2001, the watch wing of the company separated to form an independent entity named the Seiko Watch Corporation.

From stylish daily wear models to sports watches and watches with complications, Seiko caters to a wide range of wearer requirements.

Besides quartz watches, Seiko has a collection based on mechanical movements. The Grand Seiko, which was first launched in 1960, caters to those with an eye for luxury watchmaking.

Astron is Seiko’s solar-powered watch with GPS capability – the world’s first watch with such features. Astron watches run on energy produced on exposure of the watch to any form of light; energy is transmitted through the dial.

Seiko solar watches display accurate local time, dependent on the wearer’s current location, by receiving signals from respective GPS satellites (you would need to manually adjust daylight saving time though). Astron also features an automatic calendar that would self-adjust to accuracy till February 28, 2100.

Seiko’s diving range features watches with a spring drive movement, which renders the watch capable for harsh conditions encountered not just while diving but also while flying and mountaineering.

Among the top 10 best watch brands, Seiko also has a range of kinetic watches, which use energy produced by the movement of wearer’s wrists, to operate.

8) Invicta Watches, $50+

best watch brands-Invicta

Invicta: Best watch brand for men: Most popular for its men’s collections, Invicta was founded in 1837 in Switzerland. The watch company has its headquarters currently based in Hollywood, Florida.

Aiming to offer high-end watches at affordable prices, Invicta’s models sport high quality materials, components and impressive movements.

Invicta offers more than 30 collections of different designs and features. The Invicta Subaqua collection features a range of diving watches that come with a water resistance up to 500 meters.

Stainless steel of surgical grade quality; Swiss components; a bezel with a single-directional rotation are some features of these models. Models come with varying dial colors, and strap colors/ material.

The Invicta Venom is designed to cater to lovers of intricate watch architecture. If you prefer bold sharp colors, you may find the inclusion of ice blue, black, orange, yellow, green and red, among others, in this range, appealing.

The Invicta S1 series is a rally watch line, featuring stylish colors, chronograph sub-dials; Swiss/ Japanese components (model-specific); and predominantly an analog dial.

There is the Invicta Aviator series designed to aid the wearer on aerial or land journey; models come with a colorful and sturdy design, employing Swiss/ Japanese/ Chinese movements.

If you are interested in jewelry inclusions, the Invicta Bolt series carries a rope jewelry design and showcases some detailed case work.

There are several other models, offering theme-based and feature-based variations, you could consider exploring with Invicta. In short, Invicta has everything that it takes to be one of the most popular watch brands for men.

9) GUESS Watches, 50+

best watch brands-GUESS

GUESS: Affordable fashion watch brand for women. Headquartered in Mexico, GUESS primarily deals in fashion apparel and luxury accessories. GUESS’ catalogue aims to offer stylish everyday-wear watches at affordable prices.

Models suitable for rugged outdoors also find space in GUESS’ collection. With both digital and analog models in its collection, you can expect several variations in design and function.

GUESS’ line of smartwatches GUESS CONNECT comes with features of touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities; synchronization with smartphones and apps, which transforms the watch into a phone-like device facilitating the wearer to talk through its in-built microphone, listen via its audio speaker, and send emails and messages, all through the watch itself.

The SKY BLUE is another popular model from GUESS. A blue-hue watch face links with a chocolate-brown leather strap in this model. Blue sub-dials and indices appear on a brown analog dial, and a date display features at the 3’o clock position.

Diamond accented watches by GUESS are very popular dress watches. Likewise there are gold tone watches which are the rare mix of rich appeal, sophistication and functionality. For instance, this Defining Gold Tone Chronograph watch by Guess is feature-rich, affordable yet elegant.

Complementing the blue series are GUESS’ ice blue models. These models feature a brown leather strap to match the ice blue tone of the dial. Brown sub-dials displaying day and date appear on the dial.

Another variant in this category carries a chronograph and a tachymeter, and features a silver-hued case around a dial displaying time in Roman numerals. Source: Guess official

10) Daniel Wellington Watches, $50+

best watch brands-daniel-wellington

Daniel Wellington: Top watch brand for classic mens watches. Daniel Wellington or DW was started in 2011 by Filip Tysander who named the watch in memory of the person whose sense of style inspired him. Daniel Wellington watches are well-known for their minimalist design and thin and colorful nylon straps.

These nylon straps are based on NATO nylon straps, which were originally used in British Navy for their toughness and ease of securing the strap. The colorful nylon straps lend a chic and bold look to the Daniel Wellington watches.

Sleek leather strap models are also available. Daniel Wellington (DW) uses genuine leather of Italian quality for its straps. The leather models come in black and brown colors, and are accompanied by a gold-plated or silver buckle.

DW Watches are so designed that their straps can be easily changed; you can use the same watch with nylon or leather straps of different colors. Headquartered in Sweden, DW gets its watches made in China and the Quartz movements are orchestrated in Miyota, Japan.

The Daniel Wellington watches feature an analog dial and are available in rose gold or silver color cases. Models feature different case sizes, including 36mm and 40mm.

DW watches are devices designed to do their job with minimum fuss — a simple and clean design that suits every dress and occasion, and the convenience of battery-operated watches that do not require manual winding.

If you prefer minimalism and affordability in watches, Daniel Wellington watches should impress you.

11) Stuhrling Original Watches, $55+

best watch brands-Stuhrling Original

Stuhrling Original: Affordable men’s watch brand. Affordable luxury is the concept of Stuhrling Original watches. Established in 2000, the company is headquartered in New York, USA.

Stuhrling Original has a huge range of timepieces, featuring models of different movements, component designs, and complications such as chronograph, world time and moonphase indicator.

There is a line of mechanical models with skeleton case offering a view of the movements inside. Mechanical watches requiring manual winding as well as those with self-winding capabilities feature in the Brand’s models. Catalogue extends to include watches with quartz movement as well.

Stuhrling Original has a Tourbillon collection for those that love the engineering and the aesthetics that this work lends to wristwatches.

The Tourbillon mechanism was invented in the later period of 18th century to counter gravitational effects that could affect accuracy of time in then prevalent pocket watches due to their inherent vertical position.

The tourbillon involves use of many components for functioning and is often a connoisseur favorite for the craftsmanship it involves and the stunning view of the movements it offers.

Characteristic to Stuhrling Original models is the use of high-end materials and sophisticated designs: case and bracelet involve use of stainless steel of surgical grade; some models feature sapphire crystal case; bracelet links come with beveled and polished designs with some models featuring a lustrous satin finish.

Their Aquadiver range is very popular. Precisely designed for professional divers, Stuhrling Original Aquadiver watches come with high water resistance abilities. For instance, this Aquadiver Regatta Champion watch features Swiss quartz movement with water resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet).

12) Pulsar Watches, 60+

best watch brands-pulsar

Pulsar rose to fame with its pioneering LED watch, released in 1972. Its current catalogue is large featuring watches catering to different buyer tastes in lifestyle, and watch style, design, color, utilities and price.

The latest Solar Collection features designs that derive energy from light and can sustain for months once fully charged. Pulsar watches feature a Japanese Quartz movement; a round dial and a medium or large face.

Their watch models with chronograph have a 3-subdial display for the utility, which can calculate completed time till 60 minutes; a date window, luminous hands, and screw-down case back, are some of the other features.

Dials using analog as well as Arabic numeral designs are available. Digital models come with multiple features. Depending on the model, you can find world time display; timer; day/ date/ month indicators; chimes as Hour indicators; altimeter; and tachymeter, among others.

Though known for its trendy range, Pulsar has a line of conservative models. Rectangular watches in this collection come with a clean analog dial with indices or Roman numerals (model-specific), date display and a leather strap.

If you are a lover of antique models, the Japanese Quartz pocket watch in this series might impress you – a simple clean design featuring a stainless steel case in gold tones covering a white dial with Arabic numerals and date window on it.

13) Nixon Watches, $60+

best watch brands-Nixon

Best Watch Brands: Nixon. Nixon, an American watch company, is into making accessories, catering to youngsters. Headquartered at Encinitas in USA, Nixon came into being in 1997.

The first watch line was a series of custom-made products. The contemporary collection includes complications and variations in appearance and operating elements.

The John John Florence Capsule collection features the Comp models that come in 11 colors. These models, inspired by surfing, feature complications related to the activity and of use in daily life too.

There is a date and day display; 100M water resistance; and a chronograph and countdown timer, built with a lockout functionality, which facilitates an uninterrupted operation of the complications, once started.

The Comp models are lightweight, weighing 46gms; and come sleek in shape. The case is made of a sturdy plastic, which makes the watch resistant to scratches and highly tolerant to impact. A highly soft silicone strap and a stainless buckle complete the design.

The STAR WARS collection features models named after the characters in the fictional series. Featuring variant colors, STAR WARS models showcase attractive design work on components such as dials, bezel and straps.

Nixon Time Teller comes with a simple, clear design, and a canvas or leather strap in different colors. The Nixon RSVP series features models with Swiss design; and high-end materials such as rubies, diamonds, solid stainless steel, and alligator leather.

Nixon Rock LTD Collection uses materials such as leather jackets and guitar straps donated by noted musicians.

14) Skagen Watches, $65+

best watch brands-Skagen

Skagen: Top watch brand for women. Established in 1989, Skagen is a multiple-product brand with watches as one of the segments. Skagen models derive inspiration from Danish settings and feature simple and functional designs.

Among the top best watch brands for women, Skagen has an affordable range of timepieces comprising models with different complications.

A polished case that seamlessly fits into the strap – it is the characteristic design aspect of the Skagen Sundby collection watches.

Depending on the model, you can find simple dials with embossed analog or Arabic numeral index; stainless steel linked or meshed bracelet; or leather straps of different colors.

Watches include model-variant utilities such as chronograph and date aperture at 6 o’clock clock position. The Holst Multifunction series features models with leather or stainless steel bands.

Models feature a sleek case with a clean and clear analog dial design. Day and date display is available and in some models, the utility is featured in a sub-dial pattern.

GMT features in the Ancher collection by the brand. Models feature a GMT pointer that provides second time zone details. Also featured is a date aperture at the 60clock position. Stainless steel mesh bracelet and leather strap varieties are available.

The Skagen Hagen line features minimalist models that come with a leather strap and a sub-dial for indicating seconds.

Characteristic to Rungsted models is a bulged-square watch face attached to a stainless mesh bracelet or a leather strap; a simple dial with a seconds-sub-dial and raised indices are other features.

15) Fossil Watches, 70+

best watch brands-fossil

Best watch brands: Fossil. Headquartered in Switzerland, Fossil Group Inc., was started in 1984. The company produces fashion apparel, and accessories, including watches.

Fossil watches are known for their simplistic design, reasonable pricing and functionality. Their watch collections feature mechanical watches; if you love watching internal watch movements, you could consider these models.

Fossil watch models come with strap variations – you can go for a mechanical watch with a high-quality leather strap or one with a stainless steel bracelet.

Fossil watches come with smart look — with digital/analog display (model-specific), touchscreen feature (model-specific), and synchronization capabilities with phones, among others, are another option.

Clean analog dials are characteristic to most Fossil models; Arabic numerals also appear on some models. Most models also carry a 3-sub-dial pattern for hours, minutes and seconds.

Fossil watches are built to withstand slight splashes while some models are suitable for activities such as snorkeling. If you are on the lookout for some fashionable outdoor watches, Fossil does offer a sturdy sports watch range.

If durability is of primary concern to you, Fossil’s stainless steel models offer an option. For lovers of colorful leather bands, Fossil has high-quality blue, black, brown, tan, navy, and oak barrel models.

Most of the Fossil watch models come with a strap-interchangeable facility, which means you can use the same watch with different straps of the specified size. Fossil also gives the option of engraving your watches to make them more personal.

16) Bulova Watches, $75

best watch brands-Bulova

Bulova: Best women’s watch brand for elegant timepieces. Bulova’s history traces back to 1875 when its founder Joseph Bulova moved to America and at 19 years of age, he started a jewelry business.

In 1912, Bulova started in-house watchmaking operations in Bienne, Switzerland, crafting wristwatch movements embedding jewels within.

In 1919, Bulova came out with its first men’s wristwatch line, incorporating jewels. Bulova owns the prestige of being associated with NASA, developing timing instruments for several of the Agency’s spatial explorations, including its first journey to the moon mission in 1969.

The Accutron later became a standard in itself when it came to accuracy in timekeeping. Based on its predecessor, the Bulova Accutron II comes with a high-end Quartz movement and a sweeping second hand.

Bulova Accutron II includes individual collections that offer you several options in look and feel, and utilities; the Alpha series, for example is set on Accutron Alpha 1960s model, and comes with an alpha green dial and a skeleton dial design, among other features.

There are other collections set for specific purposes such as the Sea King – a sports watch line– and Marine Star for diving enthusiasts; Bulova Automatic caters to lovers of self-winding mechanical watches. If you are ready to spend a few bucks more, Bulova can be a worthy buy.

17) Emporio Armani Watches, 75+

best watch brands-Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a portfolio brand of the Fossil Group, a company dealing in fashion apparel and lifestyle accessories.

Emporio Armani handles the make and manufacture of its watches. If you prefer fashionable watches that are affordable and perform reasonably well, Emporio Armani can do the job for you.

Emporio Armani doesn’t offer a huge watch range, but variations in terms of colors, materials and utilities do exist. Among the top best luxury watch brands, they have a separate range of Swiss-made watches, which depending on the model, feature date display, chronograph, moonphase indicator, luminescent dials, alligator leather bands and steel bracelets.

Emporio Armani watches feature stainless steel cases and most come with anti-glare treatment, which facilitates clear dial reading for you. All models are battery-operated, removing the need for manual winding.

Apart from this collection, there are other individual models such as the Emporio Armani Manga Bear watch, which is an attractive grey, and carries a rubber strap; the bear on the watch is a signature of the brand and appears on other Armani products as well.

If rectangular watch faces are your preference, you could consider Armani’s 3 sphere model; a similar model in this collection features a chronograph as well. A drawback is that watches come in a single size, which is limiting if you are looking for variations. Source:

18) Citizen Watches, $80+

best watch brands-Citizen

Citizen: Best affordable watch brand for men and women. Citizen’s foray into watchmaking began in 1930 and the company is today renowned for its line of eco-friendly watches. In 1995, Citizen’s Eco-Drive series introduced buyers to light energy-powered watches.

Citizen Eco-Drive watches drew energy from a natural or artificial light source to operate, which meant you could have them working lifelong without any battery replacement.

The current Eco-Drive collection features several models to suit professional diving needs, as well as casual and formal wear. Price ranges from affordable to expensive. An array of features available, depending on the model:

» GPS timekeeping (watch receives signals containing accurate time and date information from GPS satellites and self-adjusts accordingly)
» Water resistance for different purposes, from slight splashes to still-water swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving
» Chronograph, compass, perpetual calendar (a calendar that self-adjusts to show accurate day, month and date details), dual time zones, moonphase indicator and tachymeter, among others

A range of variations are available in terms of:

» Band types – bracelet and strap types are available
» Case material – stainless steel and titanium (titanium is lighter than steel; your watch would weighs less with a titanium case than a stainless steel one with the same volume and density
» Dial colors and case sizes

A Citizen watch can be a good buy if you are looking for variety, smarter utilities and durability in Quartz models.

C. Best Watch Brands – Entry Level Luxury: $100-$500

19) Victorinox Swiss Army Watches, $100+

best watch brands-Victorinox Swiss Army

The history of Victorinox Swiss Army goes back to 1884, to the opening of a cutler’s workshop for knives in Switzerland’s Ibach-Schwyz.

Over the years, the workshop became a global company dealing in Swiss Army knives, domestic and commercial cutlery, apparel and various other segments including watches.

Victorinox Swiss Army started manufacturing watches in 1989. The company continues to manufacture its watches in Switzerland, and features collections catering to sports, aviation, and business and casual wear, among others.

The I.N.O.X. Collection comes with an ultra-robust design to tackle extreme conditions. The watch can withstand impact from a 10-meter fall and comes with a water resistance depth of up to 200M.

Victorinox watches feature a Quartz movement and a stainless steel case; model-specific features include anti-reflective/scratchproof sapphire case crystal; red/green/blue/black dials with analog pointers and markers; and stainless steel bracelets/ rubber straps/ textile bands.

The Chrono Classic line provides accurate measurements to a tenth of a second. Victorinox Swiss Army models come with an anti-reflection-treated sapphire case crystal, screw-in case back, tachymeter, and 100M-water resistance capability. Steel bracelets and leather straps are band options.

The Victorinox AirBoss watch collection has mechanical self-winding models with a transparent case back, date display and 100M-water resistance. The Night Vision collection comes with a flashlight and dial illumination feature.

20) Orient Watches, $100+

best watch brands-orient

Founded in 1950, this Japanese watchmaking company is well-known for its line of mechanical watches. Orient is one of the top best watch brands that use in-house expertise for developing watch movements.

Apart from its mechanical line of watches, Orient’s current watch range features purpose-oriented collections- you can find a sports range, divers, and a classic line, among others.

Orient’s diver watches come with a 200M water resistance and are available in stylish designs. The latest Orient Star collection is a remake of the Brand’s 1992 skeleton model.

The watch employs in-house movements, and was released in 2013 as a limited edition series. Models included gold-coating and stainless steel variations.

The Full Skeleton collection in this series is the brand’s flagship model. Models feature automatic movements with a 50-hour power backup; a full skeleton case back that lends a fine view of the internal movements.

Orient Skeleton watches also come with a two-layered face design involving a sapphire glass case that offers increased readability of the movements; and a model-dependent leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

The Orient Star Retrograde distinguishes itself with a unique pointer-movement calendar that ticks from Monday through Sunday, and returns to Monday at the start of another week; this returning motion gives the Series its name -Retrograde.

Sports line includes sturdy models, including pilot watches and rally types. The Star Seeker sports a GMT feature displaying different time zones while the Open Heart is a modernly stylish design in mechanical watches.

21) Tissot Watches, $150+

best watch brands-Tissot

Best Watch Brands: Tissot. The foundation for Tissot was laid in 1853. Today, Tissot is part of Swatch Group, which deals in watches and jewelry.

Tissot’s milestones include several of the world’s first watches such as the first mechanical watch in plastic; first wristwatch to feature a case designed using natural stone.

They also produced the first wristwatch to control seven different operations, including analog and digital display, through a single crown; first Swiss touch-based watch with functions such as compass, barometer, etc., and first touch-based watch to run on solar energy.

The Tissot Touch Collection was launched in 1999. Models feature a sapphire crystal with touchscreen capability. A variety of functions that can help on a daily basis or while outdoors, can be enabled through wearer’s touch.

Touch Collection watches also features Alarm functionality, readings of altimeter, thermometer, barometer, chronograph, and compass, can be obtained from the watch.

The Tissot Touch Collection features a diving range. Models in this range feature a water resistance depth of up to 330 feet, and have a dive feature that gives diving depth and speed readings.

There is also a logbook feature to store and retrieve past diving data. Rubber straps and bracelets are band variations.

Tissot has a range of pocket watches comprising different features including mechanical/ quartz configuration, skeleton models, and music and visual accompaniments. They also have a Classic line featuring mostly Swiss mechanical models, and a Sports line.

22) Hamilton Watches, $200+

best watch brands-Hamilton555533 Khaki Field Watch

Hamilton: Best men’s watch brand for rugged, outdoor watches. Currently headquartered in Switzerland, Hamilton’s foray into watchmaking began in 1892 in Pennsylvania, United States.

The Company produced its first line of pocket watches in 1912 and in 1914 became the official supplier for the U.S. Army.

Hamilton Watch Company also holds the credit for introducing the world to a battery-powered electric watch–the VENTURA, in 1957.The world’s first digital watch with LED technology too came from Hamilton in 1970. In 1974, Hamilton became part of the Swatch Group.

Hamilton’s earlier models made a comeback in the 1980s. The company moved its headquarters and manufacturing facility to Biel, Switzerland, in 2003, post which Swiss technology became part of Hamilton watches.

The VENTURA is still a part of Hamilton’s contemporary catalogue with models sporting their ancestral case design. The asymmetric watch face is a signature feature of the V Hamilton ENTURA collection.

Depending upon the model, the asymmetric face accompanies a leather strap/ stainless steel bracelet; an analog dial; automatic or quartz movement; and chronograph.

If you are a vintage lover, there is the American Classic series that showcases models based on Hamilton’s earlier American style designs. Another vintage is the Hamilton Khaki Field watch series, which is based on the Brand’s 1940s military models.

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation range caters to the needs of aviators and aviation enthusiasts with its design and/or features.

The Khaki Navy collection, with their sturdy design — luminescent dial; screw-down crown; and water resistance measure up to 1000 meters, has been designed to aid wearers underwater.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection offers stylish, rugged and innovative theme-based models.

23) Frederique Constant Watches, 200+

best watch brands-Frederique Constant

Best luxury watch brand: Frederique Constant. Founded in 1988, Frederique Constant is well-known as a producer of luxury watches. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the company ideates/designs, manufactures and assembles its watches at its in-house production facility.

Frederique Constant goes by the value of making luxury watches accessible through fair pricing.
The first Frederique Constant collection came out in 1992 and was comprised of 6 models featuring Swiss movements.

Characteristic to all models till date are a clean design; hand-made components; high-quality watch movements; and use of high-end materials in the make and design, which ensures durability.

An analogue dial or a Roman index appears on most Frederique Constant models. Arabic dials can be found in the Runabout series, which was developed by the Company as a mark of respect for the classic runabout boats.

Watches in Runabou series are 25-jewel automatic movement-based, and feature a skeleton case back, stainless steel case, leather strap, date display and chronograph.

There is the Smartwatch series with models that feature analog dials; synchronization capabilities with phones and apps; sensors that can read wearer’s activities such as sleep, running and walking; and a battery life of 25 months.

The Slimline series caters to users of leaner watches while the Vintage Rally is a line dedicated to classic cars. The Classics collection features ultra-flat models, rectangular dials, and other designs considered timeless.

Final Words

So, these are the top watch brands to buy in 2017? The watches reviewed here are affordable – lower-end watches to entry level luxury – all available under $500. For Medium range to high end luxury watches keep reading the second part of the best watch brands – mid and luxury watches.