23) Frederique Constant Watches, 200+

best watch brands-Frederique Constant

Best luxury watch brand: Frederique Constant. Founded in 1988, Frederique Constant is well-known as a producer of luxury watches. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the company ideates/designs, manufactures and assembles its watches at its in-house production facility.

Frederique Constant goes by the value of making luxury watches accessible through fair pricing.
The first Frederique Constant collection came out in 1992 and was comprised of 6 models featuring Swiss movements.

Characteristic to all models till date are a clean design; hand-made components; high-quality watch movements; and use of high-end materials in the make and design, which ensures durability.

An analogue dial or a Roman index appears on most Frederique Constant models. Arabic dials can be found in the Runabout series, which was developed by the Company as a mark of respect for the classic runabout boats.

Watches in Runabou series are 25-jewel automatic movement-based, and feature a skeleton case back, stainless steel case, leather strap, date display and chronograph.

There is the Smartwatch series with models that feature analog dials; synchronization capabilities with phones and apps; sensors that can read wearer’s activities such as sleep, running and walking; and a battery life of 25 months.

The Slimline series caters to users of leaner watches while the Vintage Rally is a line dedicated to classic cars. The Classics collection features ultra-flat models, rectangular dials, and other designs considered timeless.

Final Words

So, these are the top watch brands to buy in 2017? The watches reviewed here are affordable – lower-end watches to entry level luxury – all available under $500. For Medium range to high end luxury watches keep reading the second part of the best watch brands – mid and luxury watches.