5) Akribos Watches, $20+

best watch brands-akribos

Akribos: best affordable ladies watch brand. Akribos watches can at best be described as colorful, trendy, functional and affordable. The range and variety of watches offered by the brand are large.

Each line targets audiences of specific interests and showcases multiple useful features to impress. Akribos’ range employs Quartz movements (Swiss/Japanese) predominantly.

If you prefer the practical convenience of a no-manual-winding-necessary timepiece, you have several options in Akribos’ models. If you are a lover of heavy watches, Akribos has an impressive array in its men’s collection to suit your taste.

From variation in colors and straps to inclusion of utilities, each model in the Akribos men’s collection has different features to offer. Some models come with a genuine leather strap in bold colors while some use a lustrous stainless steel bracelet.

Depending on the model, Akribos dials come in attractive colors including blue, black, grey, gunmetal and silver. You could also choose from models that come with utilities such as chronograph, water resistance, date and dual time.

With its large range of collection, bold colors, stylish look, durable design, and affordable pricing, Akribos definitely offers more for less. But, if you are in search of luxury watches that display exquisite craftsmanship in design and movement, and style and function, then Akribos may not be for you. Source: Akribos

6) Swatch Watches, $35

best watch brands-swatch

Swatch was established in 1983 following the merger of two Swiss watchmaking companies, ASUAG and SSIH. The Brand formed its identity through affordable Swiss-made plastic watches of unconventional designs.

The contemporary Swatch catalogue retains the quirkiness along with some classic models. Swatch SISTEM51 was released in 2013; models feature a mechanical automatic self-winding movement, which translates into a non-battery watch that derives its energy to operate from the wearer’s wrist and hand movements.

Variations in Swatch SISTEM51 watches come in novel color combinations and designs; the SISTEM BLUE for example, sports a midnight black and blue color with a dot-and-map design accentuated by little red spots on a clean black dial.

The SISTEM GREEN is an aqua-green watch with orange dial markers and a silicone strap; the case back is see-through, revealing the watch movements inside.

The Swatch watch O-TINI might interest you if you prefer transparent models. An aqua-blue dial sports a white index design with a transparent bezel bearing blue markers, around it.

The dial is see-through, giving a view of the watch movements within. The dial pointers use Super-LumiNova technology, which make them clear at night. A blue plastic strap with a buckle clasp completes the watch design.

The Swatch AMORGOS watch is a different white-wading-through-yellow pattern. AMORGOS features a yellow dial and strap; a stretch of striking white runs from one end of the strap to the other touching the center of the dial on the way. Grey numerals and accents cover the dial.