B. Best Watch Brands – Budget Watches $50-$100 Range

7) Seiko Watches, $50+

best watch brands-Seiko

Seiko was established in 1881. In 1969, the company launched its quartz watch, the first-ever for the world. In 2001, the watch wing of the company separated to form an independent entity named the Seiko Watch Corporation.

From stylish daily wear models to sports watches and watches with complications, Seiko caters to a wide range of wearer requirements.

Besides quartz watches, Seiko has a collection based on mechanical movements. The Grand Seiko, which was first launched in 1960, caters to those with an eye for luxury watchmaking.

Astron is Seiko’s solar-powered watch with GPS capability – the world’s first watch with such features. Astron watches run on energy produced on exposure of the watch to any form of light; energy is transmitted through the dial.

Seiko solar watches display accurate local time, dependent on the wearer’s current location, by receiving signals from respective GPS satellites (you would need to manually adjust daylight saving time though). Astron also features an automatic calendar that would self-adjust to accuracy till February 28, 2100.

Seiko’s diving range features watches with a spring drive movement, which renders the watch capable for harsh conditions encountered not just while diving but also while flying and mountaineering.

Among the top 10 best watch brands, Seiko also has a range of kinetic watches, which use energy produced by the movement of wearer’s wrists, to operate.

8) Invicta Watches, $50+

best watch brands-Invicta

Invicta: Best watch brand for men: Most popular for its men’s collections, Invicta was founded in 1837 in Switzerland. The watch company has its headquarters currently based in Hollywood, Florida.

Aiming to offer high-end watches at affordable prices, Invicta’s models sport high quality materials, components and impressive movements.

Invicta offers more than 30 collections of different designs and features. The Invicta Subaqua collection features a range of diving watches that come with a water resistance up to 500 meters.

Stainless steel of surgical grade quality; Swiss components; a bezel with a single-directional rotation are some features of these models. Models come with varying dial colors, and strap colors/ material.

The Invicta Venom is designed to cater to lovers of intricate watch architecture. If you prefer bold sharp colors, you may find the inclusion of ice blue, black, orange, yellow, green and red, among others, in this range, appealing.

The Invicta S1 series is a rally watch line, featuring stylish colors, chronograph sub-dials; Swiss/ Japanese components (model-specific); and predominantly an analog dial.

There is the Invicta Aviator series designed to aid the wearer on aerial or land journey; models come with a colorful and sturdy design, employing Swiss/ Japanese/ Chinese movements.

If you are interested in jewelry inclusions, the Invicta Bolt series carries a rope jewelry design and showcases some detailed case work.

There are several other models, offering theme-based and feature-based variations, you could consider exploring with Invicta. In short, Invicta has everything that it takes to be one of the most popular watch brands for men.