11) Stuhrling Original Watches, $55+

best watch brands-Stuhrling Original

Stuhrling Original: Affordable men’s watch brand. Affordable luxury is the concept of Stuhrling Original watches. Established in 2000, the company is headquartered in New York, USA.

Stuhrling Original has a huge range of timepieces, featuring models of different movements, component designs, and complications such as chronograph, world time and moonphase indicator.

There is a line of mechanical models with skeleton case offering a view of the movements inside. Mechanical watches requiring manual winding as well as those with self-winding capabilities feature in the Brand’s models. Catalogue extends to include watches with quartz movement as well.

Stuhrling Original has a Tourbillon collection for those that love the engineering and the aesthetics that this work lends to wristwatches.

The Tourbillon mechanism was invented in the later period of 18th century to counter gravitational effects that could affect accuracy of time in then prevalent pocket watches due to their inherent vertical position.

The tourbillon involves use of many components for functioning and is often a connoisseur favorite for the craftsmanship it involves and the stunning view of the movements it offers.

Characteristic to Stuhrling Original models is the use of high-end materials and sophisticated designs: case and bracelet involve use of stainless steel of surgical grade; some models feature sapphire crystal case; bracelet links come with beveled and polished designs with some models featuring a lustrous satin finish.

Their Aquadiver range is very popular. Precisely designed for professional divers, Stuhrling Original Aquadiver watches come with high water resistance abilities. For instance, this Aquadiver Regatta Champion watch features Swiss quartz movement with water resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet).

12) Pulsar Watches, 60+

best watch brands-pulsar

Pulsar rose to fame with its pioneering LED watch, released in 1972. Its current catalogue is large featuring watches catering to different buyer tastes in lifestyle, and watch style, design, color, utilities and price.

The latest Solar Collection features designs that derive energy from light and can sustain for months once fully charged. Pulsar watches feature a Japanese Quartz movement; a round dial and a medium or large face.

Their watch models with chronograph have a 3-subdial display for the utility, which can calculate completed time till 60 minutes; a date window, luminous hands, and screw-down case back, are some of the other features.

Dials using analog as well as Arabic numeral designs are available. Digital models come with multiple features. Depending on the model, you can find world time display; timer; day/ date/ month indicators; chimes as Hour indicators; altimeter; and tachymeter, among others.

Though known for its trendy range, Pulsar has a line of conservative models. Rectangular watches in this collection come with a clean analog dial with indices or Roman numerals (model-specific), date display and a leather strap.

If you are a lover of antique models, the Japanese Quartz pocket watch in this series might impress you – a simple clean design featuring a stainless steel case in gold tones covering a white dial with Arabic numerals and date window on it.