15) Fossil Watches, 70+

best watch brands-fossil

Best watch brands: Fossil. Headquartered in Switzerland, Fossil Group Inc., was started in 1984. The company produces fashion apparel, and accessories, including watches.

Fossil watches are known for their simplistic design, reasonable pricing and functionality. Their watch collections feature mechanical watches; if you love watching internal watch movements, you could consider these models.

Fossil watch models come with strap variations – you can go for a mechanical watch with a high-quality leather strap or one with a stainless steel bracelet.

Fossil watches come with smart look — with digital/analog display (model-specific), touchscreen feature (model-specific), and synchronization capabilities with phones, among others, are another option.

Clean analog dials are characteristic to most Fossil models; Arabic numerals also appear on some models. Most models also carry a 3-sub-dial pattern for hours, minutes and seconds.

Fossil watches are built to withstand slight splashes while some models are suitable for activities such as snorkeling. If you are on the lookout for some fashionable outdoor watches, Fossil does offer a sturdy sports watch range.

If durability is of primary concern to you, Fossil’s stainless steel models offer an option. For lovers of colorful leather bands, Fossil has high-quality blue, black, brown, tan, navy, and oak barrel models.

Most of the Fossil watch models come with a strap-interchangeable facility, which means you can use the same watch with different straps of the specified size. Fossil also gives the option of engraving your watches to make them more personal.

16) Bulova Watches, $75

best watch brands-Bulova

Bulova: Best women’s watch brand for elegant timepieces. Bulova’s history traces back to 1875 when its founder Joseph Bulova moved to America and at 19 years of age, he started a jewelry business.

In 1912, Bulova started in-house watchmaking operations in Bienne, Switzerland, crafting wristwatch movements embedding jewels within.

In 1919, Bulova came out with its first men’s wristwatch line, incorporating jewels. Bulova owns the prestige of being associated with NASA, developing timing instruments for several of the Agency’s spatial explorations, including its first journey to the moon mission in 1969.

The Accutron later became a standard in itself when it came to accuracy in timekeeping. Based on its predecessor, the Bulova Accutron II comes with a high-end Quartz movement and a sweeping second hand.

Bulova Accutron II includes individual collections that offer you several options in look and feel, and utilities; the Alpha series, for example is set on Accutron Alpha 1960s model, and comes with an alpha green dial and a skeleton dial design, among other features.

There are other collections set for specific purposes such as the Sea King – a sports watch line– and Marine Star for diving enthusiasts; Bulova Automatic caters to lovers of self-winding mechanical watches. If you are ready to spend a few bucks more, Bulova can be a worthy buy.