17) Emporio Armani Watches, 75+

best watch brands-Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a portfolio brand of the Fossil Group, a company dealing in fashion apparel and lifestyle accessories.

Emporio Armani handles the make and manufacture of its watches. If you prefer fashionable watches that are affordable and perform reasonably well, Emporio Armani can do the job for you.

Emporio Armani doesn’t offer a huge watch range, but variations in terms of colors, materials and utilities do exist. Among the top best luxury watch brands, they have a separate range of Swiss-made watches, which depending on the model, feature date display, chronograph, moonphase indicator, luminescent dials, alligator leather bands and steel bracelets.

Emporio Armani watches feature stainless steel cases and most come with anti-glare treatment, which facilitates clear dial reading for you. All models are battery-operated, removing the need for manual winding.

Apart from this collection, there are other individual models such as the Emporio Armani Manga Bear watch, which is an attractive grey, and carries a rubber strap; the bear on the watch is a signature of the brand and appears on other Armani products as well.

If rectangular watch faces are your preference, you could consider Armani’s 3 sphere model; a similar model in this collection features a chronograph as well. A drawback is that watches come in a single size, which is limiting if you are looking for variations. Source: armani.com

18) Citizen Watches, $80+

best watch brands-Citizen

Citizen: Best affordable watch brand for men and women. Citizen’s foray into watchmaking began in 1930 and the company is today renowned for its line of eco-friendly watches. In 1995, Citizen’s Eco-Drive series introduced buyers to light energy-powered watches.

Citizen Eco-Drive watches drew energy from a natural or artificial light source to operate, which meant you could have them working lifelong without any battery replacement.

The current Eco-Drive collection features several models to suit professional diving needs, as well as casual and formal wear. Price ranges from affordable to expensive. An array of features available, depending on the model:

» GPS timekeeping (watch receives signals containing accurate time and date information from GPS satellites and self-adjusts accordingly)
» Water resistance for different purposes, from slight splashes to still-water swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving
» Chronograph, compass, perpetual calendar (a calendar that self-adjusts to show accurate day, month and date details), dual time zones, moonphase indicator and tachymeter, among others

A range of variations are available in terms of:

» Band types – bracelet and strap types are available
» Case material – stainless steel and titanium (titanium is lighter than steel; your watch would weighs less with a titanium case than a stainless steel one with the same volume and density
» Dial colors and case sizes

A Citizen watch can be a good buy if you are looking for variety, smarter utilities and durability in Quartz models.