How to Select the Right Men’s Watch for You?

Mens watches have become a symbol of wealth and success. Men, who are achievers, love to wear watches that not only make them look stylish, but also exhibit their preferences and class. A good watch can symbolize status and achievements. If you’re on the lookout to buy a classy timepiece, this article will help you select the right watch.

Choosing a watch is not an easy task. There are a lot of considerations that you must keep in mind while selecting a particular model. Here’s the list of top 10 mens watch brands. Apart from the model and make, the overall appeal of the watch should match your personality. So, let’s take a look at some factors that you must take into consideration while buying a timepiece.


Determine Your Budget

Budget should always be the first and foremost consideration while making the purchase. There are a variety of watches – ranging from vintage pocket watches to trendy aviator one, that you will find in the market.

If budget is not a constraint, investing in a quality authentic Swiss Made watch will ensure both class and functionality. On the other hand, buying affordable watches with quartz movement is for people with low and medium budget.

Features and Specifications

When it comes to features and specifications, there are a few things that one need to keep in mind – movement and dial tops the chart. While some models may only exhibit the time function, other may provide date and time date.

Similarly, some watches may only have minute or hour hand, while others showcase digital info. Before reaching any conclusion, make sure you know your daily habits and requirements well, to be able to take a wise decision. Some of the most important watch features include:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Chronograph
  • Moon Phase
  • Tourbillon
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Digital Camera

Color and Finish

While men usually have a fetish for trendy strappy watches, women are more attracted to feminine looking gold-tone chain straps. If you are a watch collector, make sure you look for different patterns while making the purchase.

Watches are available in a variety of shades such as gold, silver, rose-gold, and copper. Apart from the body color and the finish, the color of the dial should also be taken into account. Stainless steel, brass, leather, ceramic and gold are the most preferred materials.

Where to Buy? Since an increased number of brands are opening up these days, more and more companies have started authorizing online dealers to sell their products.

It is often a good decision to buy watches on the Internet. You not only get the convenience of buying from the comfort of your home, but these models come with full factory warranties, which is a plus.

The online prices are often lower than what you see in brick and mortar stores. You may want to do some research online and find the best deals available. Make sure to look for discounted deals.


There are thousands of watches for men from the hundreds of watch brands. Some luxury watches are excessively costly. On the other hand, there are some affordable yet quality timepieces also available.

In order to find those hidden gems, you need to some research. In you search carefully, you can find a few quality wristwatches that are affordable as well.

We have researched and compiled this list of the best watch brands for men. Our list also includes some of the best watches for men. The mens watch ratings are based on certain aspects including, functionality, usability, strength and durability, styles, popularity, and price.

However, as we have already mentioned, there are hundreds of watch brands and thousands of watch models out there. Therefore, this is not by any means a complete list of top mens watch brands.

It’s advisable that you do necessary research — read real customers’ reviews, compare prices, look for warranties, and ask for after sales services. If we missed a particular watch brand for men that you love, don’t forget to share it in the comments. Cheers!