Best Watch Brands for Women to buy in 2017: Pick the timepiece that suits your style and budget from these all-time bestseller women’s watches.

Looking for the best women’s watch? Whether you are after a dress watch or a casual sport timepiece, we’ve compiled some of the coolest wristwatches for you.

The quality timepieces reviewed in this reviews are not the most expensive watches for ladies. Instead, these are the best in their range! Find Top 35 Best Watch Brands here.

Women’s watches come with different features, size and style. The best watches for women also come with different price tags.

Women’s watches just got stylish — these are available for as low as $10, but some watches have hefty 6-digit or 8-digit price tag. For instance, this Richard Mille Tourbillon Watch will make you poorer by over $400,000.

Best Watch Brands for Women – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

So, what are the best watch brands for women in 2017? How many of us can actually afford such an expensive wristwatch? But even if we can, do we need such a costly timepiece? You know the answer. Most of us need an everyday watch that is classy and reliable. We also want a wristwatch that won’t make us bankrupt.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women

Top Best Watch Brands for Women

We have compiled the comparison list of top bestselling watch brands for women. These are not the most expensive ones (you see, the best watches are not necessary the most pricey). But the ladies watches listed above are finely-crafted, durable, reliable, and the most popular among women.

Note: This article is about the women’s watch brands. Click here to find the Top 10 Men’s Watch Brands and here to find the 10 All Time Bestseller Watches.

1 – Invicta 5377 ‘Angel’ Diamond-Accented Women’s Watch

Invicta 5377 angel-diamond-watch-review-bwbh

Appreciated by ladies all over the world, the Invicta 5377 Diamond-Accented ‘Angel’ watch has a very feminine appeal.

The Invicta 5377 ladies’ watch is powered by the reliable Swiss quartz movement. For a sub-$100 price, you won’t ask for more.

Suitable for all occasions, it boasts diamond-accented design and dazzling silver-tone build.


Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond watch has a stunning look. The dazzling silver tone with the stainless steel case and bracelet make it truly a feminine watch. It has reliable Swiss quartz movement. This watch is water resistant to 100 meters.


This Invicta watch has somewhat bigger face and bracelet compared to regular watches for a woman. While it is ideal for bigger women, for teens, the size of the watch may be overwhelming.

Invicta Watches for Women

Most Popular Women’s Watches by Invicta


Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond watch offers great value for your money. It’s elegant yet practical. The robust mineral crystal is packed in a stainless steel case for durability.

This women’s watch is water resistant as well. That means you can flaunt it everywhere—at work, formal events, parties, and at the beach.

The chronograph looks rich and has superb feminine appeal. So, want to impress your female partner? Your lady will surely love this watch. Overall, Invicta have done a great job of creating one of the best watches for women.

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