10 – Timex Women’s T5J151 1440 Sports Digital Strap Watch

Timex T5J151-1440

Timex T5J151 1440 women’s watch is a vibrant wristwatch with powerful features. It features 2 time zones, daily alarm, 24-hour chronograph, countdown timer with stop and repeat—all are useful for everyday use and exercise.

However, the best thing about the timepiece is its price and versatility. This affordable watch by Timex is really cool. Below are the Pros and Cons of the Timex T5J151 1440.


Timex T5J151 1440 is vibrant and powerful watch. The sports digital watch comes with tons of features including digital day/date display, 2 time zones, an INDIGLO night light, daily alarm, and many more.

This watch for women is water resistant to 50 meters. This Timex women’s watch comes loaded with a 24-hour chronograph, a daily alarm, and 24-hour countdown timer with stop and repeat. It has a silver case and the green canvas strap completes the look.

All these make it an ideal wristwatch for your daily exercise routine such as running, swimming, jogging.


While the Timex T5J151 1440 is a lightweight and powerful timepiece, it comes with the sporty look and feel which is not suitable for formal occasions.


Timex is one of the best watch brands for women. It is synonymous with durability and style. And the Timex T5J151 1440 sports digital watch is a feature-rich timepiece at a great price.

Timex Watches for Women

Bestselling Timex Watches for Women

Timex T5J151 1440 wristwatch for ladies is lightweight, trendy yet practical. The soft resin strap makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Overall, the Timex T5J151 1440 sports digital is one of the best watches for women who are on the move.

How to Select the Best Watch for Women?

You may want a go to watch. You may also be looking for a casual timepiece that you can flaunt in parties. Or you want a sport watch? You may also want more than one watch for different occasions. With so many watches for women available, selecting the coolest watch that suits your taste and budget could be a tough task.

So, what kind of watch are you looking for?

When selecting a perfect timepiece there are certain things to consider. Some of the most important include:

1– What is Your Budget?

Women’s watches come in every price range. Therefore, the first and foremost important thing is fixing your price point. Needless to say some watch brands of women are very expensive. But in reality there are some good watch brands for women that won’t break the bank. There are decent quality watches in $200-$500 range. But that’s up to you to decide. So consider your budget and go for the watches in that price range.

2– Watch Materials

Do you like a leather band watch? You may also prefer a metal bracelet such as stainless steel. Are you looking for a sport watch? What about a diamond-encrusted luxury watch? Choices are plenty. Most of the watches are quality women’s watches in respective price range. You have to determine what material you prefer.

3– When and Where Will You Wear the Watch?

Your watch should be practical. Suppose you love scuba diving. Then your watch should have a high water resistance — at least 200 meter. But if you are looking for a dress watch, it should be formal, classy and sophisticated. It should make a style statement as well. So depending on the purpose, pick the best watch brands in your price point and material.

4– What is Your Style?

Oh, you love white watches? What about a simple and classy black (or a white) watch? But these might look conservative and you may want a flashy wristwatch.

So understand your style first and pick the best watch brands for women that meet your terms. So, whatever your style, pick the best watch that comes in your budget and fulfills your requirements.

A watch is not just a timepiece. It also works as jewelry. A nicely-crafted watch makes great style statement. It’s also an investment. But selecting the best watch for women that meets all these conditions is not easy. We hope the watch buyer’s guide and reviews help you buy the best ladies watch in 2017.