Best watch repair kit buying guide. What is the first thing that you should invest in as soon as you buy a new watch or add a few more in your collection?

Probably, a quality watch tool kit that can help you fix your watch as and when you like, without spending any additional penny on professional services.

What would you look in a tool kit that is designed to help you repair and maintain your watch collection? If you are an avid watch collector, watch repair and maintenance can become an everyday hassle for you!

The watch repair tools come with a range of features. These also differ in quality and price. So, finding the right toolkit at right price is not easy.

Review of the Top 10 Watch Repair Tool Kits

We’ve picked some of the bestseller watch repair tool kits for you. Below are the top 10 watch repair toolkits with reviews and comparisons.

1) GGI International 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

GGI International 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit WTK-16 is a complete watch repair tool set that probably has all that you require to save time and money in the long run, when it comes to watch repair and small fixes.

The GGI Deluxe WTK-16 Watch Repair Toolkit is designed to take charge of all your watch adjustments. Whether you want to change the battery, add or remove links to get the right fit or do other repairs without paying a jeweler, this watch repair tool kit will come handy, even on the go!

This 16 piece watch repair kit includes:

GGI International 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

  • 1 watchband link pin remover
  • 1 watchband holder
  • 1 screw back case wrench
  • 1 hammer with a plastic and a metal head
  • 1 case knife
  • 1 spring bar remover
  • 3 slotted screwdrivers
  • 3 Pin punches
  • 2 phillips screwdrivers
  • 1 stainless steel tweezer
  • 1 pair of long nose pliers with side cutters

Repair your watch and get the right fit by adding or removing chain links from the comfort of your home with this comprehensive watch repair tool kit. Easy to use and affordable, this is a must have for anyone who loved to collect watches. Overall, the GGI International 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit WTK-16 is definitely a must have watch repair tool set.

2) SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover – 5-Piece Set

The SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover is a 5 piece set that includes:

Best Watch Repair Kit-SE JT6218 Link Remover - 5-Piece Set

  • 1 watch hammer with a metal and a plastic head
  • 1 link bracelet holder base
  • 3 pin removing punches (sizes: 0.7mm/0.8mm/1.00mm)

What else could you have asked for? This toolkit is designed to help watch enthusiast adjust their watch straps, bracelets and chains according to their size requirements. Whether you have lost weight, thinking to gift a vintage watch (or a luxury piece) to your loved one, or recently got a new watch in gift – you might want to add or remove a few links to get the right fit.

In such a case, running to a jewel to get the work done may not be feasible under all circumstances. Thus, having a handy tool kit that allows you to accomplish your task can prove to be real time saver.

The 5-Piece Set SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover comes with a little packaging. It is easy-to-use, self explanatory and come at an affordable price. With this great tool, you can adjust your watch links in less than five minutes, even on the go! And that little hammer that you get with this kit is such a bargain!

3) SE-Spring Bar Tool Set, 5 Inch – 7-Piece Set

SE-Spring Bar Tool Set-7-Piece Set

SE-Spring Bar Tool Set is a 7 piece kit that comes with all necessary tools that you need to keep your watch collection aesthetically pleasing and functional for many decades.

It is really a simple and user-friendly watch repair toolkit to work with. Each end of the tool is forked with end larger and the other small. Depending upon your requirements, you can use either of the ends or use both the ends.

The actual pin is threaded with a spring so all you’re doing with the tool is compressing the pin in and out of its hole on the watch. The length of this pin is 5 inches, and it comes with 4pc extra tips, double ended tips and a durable steel body.

You can easily swap the bands of your watches in seconds with the help of this tool, without any fear of scratching the watch. Shop SE-Spring Bar Tool Set (5 Inch – 7-Piece Set) today and save yourself a great deal of time, money and efforts. The convenient watch repair toolkit is available for under $10, about $5 to be precise. So we included it in the list of top 10 best watch repair kits.

4) SE JT6222 Watch Repair Tool Kit, 13-Piece Set

SE JT6222 Watch Repair Tool Kit is a 13-piece kit that ensures that you get everything that you need to maintain the esthetics, as well as functionalities of your watch collection.

Best Watch Repair Kit-SE JT6222-13-Piece Set

This easy to carry case of comprehensive watch repair tool set includes:

  • 1 adjustable case opener
  • 1 set of 18 pins
  • 1 watch case holder
  • 1 link remover
  • 1 watch case opener
  • 1 spring bar tool
  • 1 stainless steel tweezers
  • 3 precision screwdrivers (sizes: 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm)
  • 3 Pin Punch (sizes: 0.8mm, 0.9mm, and 1.0mm)

From removing the chain links to get the right fit, to replacing the old batteries, the SE JT6222 Watch Repair Toolkit will provide you with all necessary tools to help you accomplish your watch repair tasks. Overall, a professional watch repair tools kit that will work for all of your watch repair needs.

5) SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover Set, 5 Pins

SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover Set-5 Pins

The SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover Toolkit has been recognized as one of the most successful products in the watch industry.

This watch repair tool set comes with large handle and 5 extra pins that enable bracelet adjustments and easy handle & twist for easy removal of pins. The large handle makes it very simple for you to alter your watch without any kind of hassle of fear of damaging the band.

Whether you want to add links or remove a few to get the right fit, this 5 pins watch link remover is all you need for an easy and user-friendly do-it-yourself handling of the link pin.

It is quite affordable and thus, helps you save money by doing these small tasks yourself in the comfort of your home. For anyone, who despises going to the jeweler to get such small fixes on the watch; SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover Set proves to be a perfect addition, especially for watch collectors.

Available for under $5, you can shop SE JT6305A Watch Link Remover online as well. So get this robust tool set and save your money and time. You don’t have to compromise on the getting right fit ever again!

6) SE-JT6221 Watch Repair Tool Kit, 16 Piece Set

Looking for a professional watch repair tool kit? The SE-JT6221 Watch Repair Tool Kit can just turn out to be what you need! This 16 piece toolkit is great for changing batteries and bands on almost all kinds of watches.

SE-JT6221 Watch Repair 16pc Tool Set includes:

SE-JT6221-16 Piece-Best Watch Repair Kit

  • 1 metal strap holder
  • 1 watch hammer
  • 1 pin pusher
  • 1 tweezers
  • 1 watch case opener
  • 3 pin punches
  • 1 block pin remover
  • 1 watch case knife
  • 1 mini long nose pliers
  • 2 mini phillips screwdrivers
  • 3 precision slotted screw drivers

If you are someone who loves to collect watches and put huge efforts in their overall maintenance, this comprehensive watch repair tool kit can help you keep your collection beautiful looking and performing for many years to come.

This toolkit is so well-made and reasonable that you are going to feel satisfied with each penny spent. This product comes with super quality material and equipped with a contemporary standards that even expert watchmakers agree and authorize to it.

The best thing, SE-JT6221 Watch Repair 16 Pc Tool Kit is available for under $10.

7) Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin-Link Remover

Paylak TSLK3-Best Watch Repair Kit

The Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin and Link Remover is one of the most recommended watch repair tools of all. It can help you shorten the length of the bracelet or add a few links to ensure the best possible fit.

The user-friendly watch repair set comes with a band remover and 3 extra pins (size: 0.80mm & 1.00mm). With this particular tool you can adjust the width of the bands by up to 21mm or 7/8 inches. Other notable features of this product include; spring loaded base to ensure easy height adjustment and easy to operate mechanism.

As per the customer reviews, it is one of the most recommended products in the market. With the help of Paylak watch repair tool set, you can adjust the bracelet or band size of your watch in just a few minutes, without scratching or damaging your watch from any corner. The Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin and Link Remover will not cost you more than $10-15.

8) SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

The SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit is perhaps the most comprehensive toolset among the all watch repair kits available around. We all know that buying quality tools can be a bit costly. But, it is important to buy them to get the desired finish and efficient results.

A low quality tool kit to fix your expensive or inexpensive watches won’t be of any good and can prove to be a regret buying. Whether you are a vintage watch lover or prefer casual retreats for your wrist, investing in a superb watch repair tool kit is a must.

SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Toolkit is a complete watch repair product that even professionals prefer using. This tool kit offers flexibility and performance not only in the comfort of the home, but even on the go.

One of the best professional watch repair toolkits, SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Tool set includes:

  • 1 tweezers
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 loupe (3x)
  • 1 watch block
  • 5 extra tips
  • 2 watch back openers
  • 1 link pin remover
  • 5 fixed blade screw drivers
  • 1 set of 360-piece spring bars (20 styles)

The professional watch repair kit by SE is available in $15-25. Considering the types of tools it comes with, the price is reasonable. After all, for the cost of resizing one watch from a professional, you can actually replace a couple of batteries, a strap as well as remove links from your stainless steel watch bracelet without damaging any tool or even scratching the watch.

Such a kind of professional watch repair tools kit offer safety, performance and eliminate the hassle of running to the watch retailer for small issues, such as battery change and link removal. You can use this tool kit anytime and anywhere. So buy SE JT6226 Watch Repair Toolkit (19-Piece) and expect superior quality performance at under $25.

9) SE Watch Band Strap Link-Pin Remover Tool Kit

Best Watch Repair Kit-SE Watch Band-Pin Remover

There are many affordable watch repair tool kits available for this task. However, SE watch band strap link pin remover tool kit has emerged out as one of the most recommended watch repair tools. It is affordable and comes with all the features that one needs to get the work done.

The only downfall of this product is that it doesn’t come with instructions. For about 1/2 the price of what you would pay your jeweler to remove or add the links, you can get good quality tool that can be used over and over again on all kinds of watches.

The repair tool comes with 5 extra pins and lasts through a number of uses, for most people it could mean years, and it will pay for itself the first time you use it. The SE watch strap link pin remover tool is available at under 5 bucks.

Whether you run a professional watch repair service or want to work on your own wristwatches, the SE watch band strap link pin remover tool kit for watchmakers could come real handy. But be very careful if you are doing it for the first time. You don’t want to scratch your watch, after all!

10) Beadalon 7-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit

Beadalon 7-Piece-Best Watch Repair Kit

The Beadalon 7-Piece Watch Repair Tool set comes complete with all the tools you need to repair a wristwatch.

This 7 piece watch repair kit includes:

  • wire cutters
  • tweezers
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • bead scoop
  • snips
  • set of 6 stackable drawers

All these tools/pieces come neatly packaged in a zipped plastic pouch. The blue plastic tool is the link pin remover that make it easy to remove watch link pins when you need to remove links or when you want to make the watch bracelet smaller to fit the wrist of the wearer. It is easier to use than using the traditional pin punches.

The zip pouch store various beads and findings in the Stackable Drawers that make it an excellent composition for all wire crafting projects. You can carry it anywhere as it is travel friendly and helps keep things organized.

Overall, the Beadalon 7-Piece Watch Repair Tool set very handy and convenient watch repair tool. Moreover, it’s priced at little over $10 which is quite reasonable.

Watch Repair Kits: What to Look For?


Watch Repair Tool Kits come in a range of feature options, pieces, designs and price age. So what to look for when buying a watch repair toolkit? Here are a few important aspects you should consider:

In general terms, more the number of pieces included in a watch repair kit the better. However, it also depends on your specific needs. For instance, if you are just looking for a link remover, a small kit with a little number of pieces such as SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover 5-Piece Set would do.

On the other hand, if you are a professional watch repair services, you might need a complete set of tools such as SE JT6226 19-Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit or the GGI International 16-piece Watch Repair Tool Kit.

Where can I buy a watch repair kit? There are several online and offline watch repair stores that offer best quality watch repair tools. eBay, Amazon are among the best online places where you can buy a range tools such as watch back removal tools, link remover kits, watch repair toolkits etc. at affordable price.

Final Words

Are you are already tired of running errands for small repair issues and fixes? Are you someone who likes to do thing himself? Now you can change your watch straps in just a few minutes! Yes, thanks to the YouTube watch repair guides and easy to access watch repair tool kits, you can now sit at home and change the pins of your watches — remove or add links and even replace batteries, without having to hire or go to a professional.

People with too many watches often have to spend a lot of time and money on getting their watches fixed, revamped, resized and even maintained, to ensure they look good and deliver precise performance for many years to come.

If you have recently decided to return to wearing wristwatches, you’ll need to replace batteries, adjust leather straps and even the stainless watch that comes with links. For a watch enthusiast, having the watch repair and adjusting tools can come pretty handy and watch link remover is one of the prominent tools of all.

Likewise, a lot of times it happen that you wish to gift your vintage watch to your kids and this might need some size adjustment as well. Whether you want to re-size the watch to fit onto your wrist or others’, having a watch band remover or link remover or a watch back removal tool can come real handy.

So, whether you are a hobbyists or a professional watch service provider, buying the best watch repair kit makes a lot of sense.