9) Tissot T Touch Expert Watch (T0134204420200)

Tissot T Touch Expert Watch-T0134204420200-Mens

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Best Watches under 1000: Tissot Touch Expert. Strength meets high-tech performance – the Tissot T Touch Expert watch blends high-tech functionality with convenience.

Perfect for adventurers, it features 15 functions including altimeter, compass, thermometer, barometer etc.

Yes, this watch offers a lot more than just tell the time.


  • Tough and elegant look
  • Macho style
  • Best for outdoor use–camping, hiking etc
  • Solid-build — all-metal and titanium design
  • Great visibility with LCD backlight display
  • Extremely accurate


  • Thermometer function is not reliable at times

Tissot Men’s T Touch Expert: An Outdoor Watch You Can Trust!

Tissot T Touch Expert Watch is necessarily an adventure-lovers’ watch. Features precisely made for outdoor purpose; this timepiece is perfect for people who love to go for camping, hiking etc.

Tissot Men’s T0134204420200 T Touch Expert watch is solid build timepiece. Both the bracelet and the case are both made of Titanium that makes it tough and durable.

The macho-style watch comes with LCD backlight, digital display, azimuth, chronograph, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, barometer, perpetual calendar, battery-charge-indicator, and Swizz quartz movement.

With all features packed in a sleek and elegant watch, Tissot Men’s T Touch Expert watch lives up to its price tag. And that’s why we picked it for the best watch under 1000 dollars.

10) Movado Amorosa Diamond-Accented Watch

womens-Movado 604982 Amorosa Watch

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Elegant and simple. Movado Amorosa 604982 is a minimalist watch with feminine look. Powered by Swiss quartz movement, this distinctive bangle watch is an eye catcher.

The rich appeal and sleek design makes it a perfect gift item as well. A great investment jewelry!


  • Sleek, chic and sizable– incredibly well presented and styled watch
  • Sparkling diamonds on the distinctive bangle accent pieces
  • The curved bracelet and body for enhanced comfort
  • Museum® dial
  • Multi-setting removable jewelry clasp
  • Perfect gift item
  • Great investment timepiece


  • For some people, a bangle watch at this price tag might be a bit expensive. But you get what you pay for.

Movado 604982 Amorosa Bangle Watch: Not an Ordinary Ladies Watch!

The MovadoAmorosa offers a rare blend of simplicity and luxury. It’s is stunningly simple and truly beautiful.

With aesthetic design, round black dial, silver-tone Dauphine hands, and legendary Movado Museum dial, the watch is an ideal example of Swiss craftsmanship and technological innovation.

With its feminine styling, the versatile timepiece is comfortable, elegant, and accurate with the Swiss-quartz movement.

Whether you want to accessorize in a very noticeable way or looking for a perfect gift for your female partner, this Movado women’s watch is for you. The Women’s 604982 Amorosa watch carries a full 2-year warranty.

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Final Words on Best Watches under 1000



Best Watches under 1000 Dollars

Nowadays people don’t buy a watch just to check time. They have several options for that purpose—cell phones, tablets etc. However, people still buy watches—for a different purpose!

They consider watches a fashion accessory and wear them more as a fashion statement. And, for that they willingly spend thousands of dollars.

As mentioned before there are hundreds of watch brands and thousands of watch models available to choose from. Wristwatches vary in sizes, shapes, functions, and features.

Timepieces also vary in price range. There are watches which are available for as low as $20 and as high as over six-figure price tags.

However, the fact is, watches with five-digit price tags may be out of budget for the most of the people. Moreover, how realistic is purchasing an ultra-expensive watch?

Honestly speaking, for an ordinary person like me and you, getting a watch that costs over 10,000 dollars is not realistic and practical.

Realistically, for most of us a watch that range anywhere between $500 and $1000 is the best choice. The watches reviewed here are among the most popular watches under 1000 to buy in 2017. So make sure you get the best deal!