Best watches are not necessarily the costliest ones. Here’re the Top 10 Bestseller watches to buy – with reviews, comparison, buying guide & deals!

If you are looking for a) a watch that is good-looking, b) a watch model to have some meaning, c) a robust timepiece that will outlast any trends, d) a wristwatch that have excellent residual value, and e) a classy timepiece that add a touch of sophistication and personality to your everyday wardrobe;

We have compiled a list of highly admired top 10 best watch brands and the best affordable watches for you.

The affordable yet bestseller watches reviewed below are from the top watch brands in the world. The compilation is based on the people’s reviews and ratings on varieties of online retailers including Amazon, eBay, among others.

After all, knowing what people are buying would help you decide which watch to buy. So, what are the best watches to buy in 2017? Look at the watch comparison and reviews below to know what is selling well and why.

Best Watches for Men

The watches discussed here are known for reliability, accuracy, elegance, craftsmanship, and precise movement — everything that needs to be a quality watch.

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1) Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Mens BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Watch

This affordable watch has been recognized as a perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) watch. Designed and made by a trusted brand, the Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch will never need a battery replacement to run.

If we talk about details, the batteries inside this watch stores energy from the sun that keeps your watch running smoothly for a really long time.


  • Eco-drive, do not require battery replacement
  • High quality Japanese quartz movement
  • Affordable


  • Stainless steel case is decent, but budgeted.


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

Overall, it is a stylish and performance-oriented watch. The only problem is its budgeted looks. The company seems to have cut some corners in terms of appearance, but this is compensated with the high-end technical elements. A must have if you wish to buy an affordable men’s watch for everyday use.

Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch: Key Features

  • Stainless steel with round black dial
  • Separate date window
  • Stitched canvas band
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Dial window: Mineral crystal
  • Luminosity
  • Analog display
  • Buckle closure
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet)

The Review

A watch is something that we like to wear every day. It not just defines our style, but also compliments the attire that we wear. One of the problems of collecting too many models to suit different purposes is that you have to keep a track of their batteries and get them replaced from time to time.

This is the reason most of the watch aficionados prefer investing in eco-drive watches, which enable them to use the power of light. These are no -brainer and the best part is that they last a very long time. Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch is one of the leading watches in this segment.

Dial and Date Window

The dial is round in shape, and features high contrast white markings on a matte black background. The color combination makes it easy for people with low vision to read the time, without their reading glasses.

On the other hand, the tick marks for seconds hand may not attract a lot of people, but with a closer look you’ll see that this element really makes the hour hands stand out giving a clear visibility even from afar. Day and date window is placed at 3 O’ clock.


The model uses high-quality Japanese Quartz movement with a twist of solar cell. These cells come with small internal battery that does not require any replacement. The only thing that will take getting used to is the abnormally short hands, as the markers for hour are inset. In our opinion, this subdues the benefit of high-contrast marker.

The seconds hand is red in color, sporting a bit of luminous appearance. This makes the numbers glow in the dark. The date window shows the date and day of the week, with Sunday marked in bright Red.

Watch Case

This is a decently priced watch sporting high quality movement. This means that the company had to cut corners somewhere and they chose the “case” in this regard. The stainless steel case may seem decent in the first glance, but we doubt if the build can stand up over time. In short, the case appears totally adequate, if not superbly crafted.

Watch Band

The only reason that the Citizen Mens BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch faced immense criticism in the beginning was its canvas band. The band looks awful. It is stiff, uncomfortable and not even waterproof. However, you can always replace it with a good one. Leaving aside the band quality, the watch seems to be a great deal given all the other factors.


The Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive watch for men is basically designed to cater to your daily needs. It does boast a lot of great features that make the whole experience smooth and convenient for the wearer. On the other hand, the excellent Eco-Drive quartz movement compensates for a few negatives, especially the band.

It is a sharp looking casual watch with clean lines and good performance. The canvas band may not be your best friend if you are water-friendly, but you always have the option to replace it with a better material.

Overall, if you are looking for a decent, eco-drive and waterproof watch, the Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Watch can just be the one. It lies under the category of $100, which makes it a good deal — one of the best watches in the range.

2) Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch

Invicta Mens 8932 Pro Diver best watch brands

Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch has emerged out as one of the most defining timepieces, manufactured keeping in mind the everyday needs of professional divers and people who spend too much time in water.

Here we’re going to take a look at some of the good, as well as bad features of the watch to help you make an informed choice.


  • Very affordable yet elegant
  • Simple and durable design
  • Quartz Movement for great accuracy


  • Non-Coin Edged Bezel


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

When it comes to wristwatches, Invicta has been recognized as one of the leading brands in the world. Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch is currently one of the most popular models, mostly for its stylish design and par construction.

Key Features of Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Watch

  • Professional Quartz movement
  • Flame fusion crystal comes with magnifier
  • Solid stainless-steel case (37mm)
  • Unidirectional turning bezel
  • Water-resistant up to (200 meter) 660 feet
  • Luminous look

Detailed Review

If what you are looking for is a durable, precise and functional watch within a suitable range, then Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch can be just apt. This uniquely crafted timepiece comes with a wide range of innovative features that will take care of all of your everyday requirements.

Before we proceed further, let’s first take a look at some key pros and cons of the Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch. This brief summary is based on the thorough study of the model in terms of quality, precision, style and overall performance.

Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection watch sports a variety of features that we are going to discuss in detail. Knowing what to expect and what not, helps making the right decision and prevents the chances of regret buying.

Stainless Steel Case

The case is durable, sturdy and well-built. With 37mm diameter, it is also reasonably sized and made water resistant to up to 660 feet. The screw down crowns are tightened enough to prevent water damages.

The entire body is made in brushed stainless steel, except the bracelet links, they are polished. The bezel is unidirectional, as it is a scalloped bezel, usually preferred by Professional divers. All in all, it is a very solid case.

Mineral Crystal Watch Face

The dial of the watch is protected against all kinds of external damages and scratches. It incorporates scratch resistant mineral crystal, a feature that you usually find in most high-end watches.

This is another feature that Invicta men’s 8932 shares with its men’s pro diver collection’s 8926 sibling. While 8926 is a bit highly priced, the 8932 model can be bought at quite a steal price.

Professional Quartz Movement

Designed to offer precision, this timepiece is carefully designed in terms of both quality and functionality. It uses a professional quartz movement, which guarantees perfect time every time you tweak your wrist.

The affordable watch is much more precise and accurate as compared to high-end Invicta models that can divert one or more minutes each week. But the Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch always delivers accurate time at about +/- 15 seconds per week.

Black Dial – Luminescent Index & Hands

The dial of Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Watch is deep black in color with Invicta’s logo positioned at 12 o’clock. The logo adds a lot of class and style to the entire look and feel of the timepiece.

Trinite indexes are another special feature added to the watch. It is an element that can maintain its glow for more than 18 hours when exposed to light. Most of the luxury watches come with this feature in both minute and seconds hands.


Overall, the Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch is a sturdy, solid and diver-specific watch. Given its shock and water resistance functions, the Men’s 8932 pro diver watch ideally manages to create a balance between style, quality and performance.

The features and benefits that you see in this model is worth the price that you pay for it. Without any doubt, it is one of the most accurate, stylish, rugged and pocket-friendly watches for men. Everything is stellar and you’re sure to buy more than one reasons to buy it.

3) Stuhrling Original Men’s 395.33U16 Aquadiver Watch

 best watch brands-Stuhrling Original Aquadiver

Stuhrling Original Men’s 395.33U16 Regatta Champion Dive Watch has emerged out as one of the most popular models from Stuhrling.

The affordable watch brand best renowned for its truly exemplary range of watches, has again swept the watch lovers off their feet by delivering this exciting collection.


  • Robust Stainless Steel design
  • Water Resistant up to 660 feet
  • Stainless steel ratcheting unidirectional bezel
  • Easy to set date and time
  • Krysterna Crystal protection for dial


  • Depending upon use, you may need battery replacement every four months.


Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, it is very difficult to find any major fault in this watch. For the price that it is being offered, the Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Men’s 395.33U16 Regatta Champion Diver Watch is a quite sturdy, useful, good looking and smart watch — definitely, a must buy for professional divers.

Key Features of Stuhrling Original Men’s 395.33U16 Aquadiver

  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Stainless steel round case
  • Attractive blue dial with Analog display
  • Screw-down crown
  • Blue unidirectional bezel
  • Protective Krysterna crystal
  • Water-resistant up to 600 feet (200 m)

Detailed Review

The Stuhrling Original Men’s Diver Watch collection is particularly created for professional swimmers, divers and people who spend a lot of time in water. The brand identity and legacy of this particular range of watches comes with a very intriguing and old history.

Inspired by high-end, luxury watches, the Stuhrling Original Men’s 395.33U16 Regatta Champion Aquadiver Watch is perfect for your yacht holidays. The features and built replicate some of the finest watch models in the current watch market.

Apart from this, the model has been admired by many watch aficionados. In this post, we’ll analyze what aspects make this watch such a hot option to own.

Krysterna Crystals

The fact that the watch looks sturdy and durable is because it is made with Krysterna crystals. It is stronger than mineral crystal, and works pretty well on almost all kinds of spread surface.

Most luxury watches use this element to add extra layer of protection. Krysterna Crystal is more preferred over any other crystals when it comes to design and overall construction of the dial window.

Matte Blue Finish Dial

The dial looks incredibly striking and appealing to eyes because of its blue matte finish. It doesn’t overshadow the look and feel of the strap and body, but does stand out, especially if you are looking at it for the first time. The dial looks elegant adding much more appeal to your dress wear.

You may as well utilize it for casual purpose for a simple reason that it is simple and sophisticated by all means. Given the kind of construction this model boasts, you will love to adore this timepiece with all kinds of outfits.

Stainless Steel Boasting Triple Row-Link Bracelet

The body, as well as the middle band links has been polished with stainless steel to deliver high-finished experience. If you want to the band to be less decorative, it is advised to get the link pieces polished less. Practically, the bracelet links can be modified as pet your personal taste and preferences.

A few parts of the structure are made from superior quality stainless steel including knurl edged crown, case back, link bracelet and bezel.

Clasp & Watchband

The band and the deployment clasp are designed in a way to match the fitting needs of your wrist. The knurl edged crown keeps the mainspring tight and allow watch to work at its optimal performance.

On the downfall, the Stuhrling Original 395.33U16 Aquadiver Regatta Champion Watch may feel bulky on your wrist. But if you are looking for unsurpassed performance, this is one element that you can overlook.

The overall structure and design may be best suitable for modern-day corporate culture. You can also consider it as the perfect gift choice.

If you have the class and looking for a rich-looking wristwatch, the Stuhrling Original 395.33U16 Aquadiver Regatta Champion Mens Watch is definitely for you.

Rotating Bezel

This excellent men’s pro diver watch is a stylish timepiece that comes with a strong steel case. This rotating bezel delivers effortless and firm performance.


Timepieces have always been recognized as the symbol of style and status. The Stuhrling Original 395.33U16 Regatta Champion Aquadiver Watch keeps this status alive. This model is a perfect mix of class and performance, along with charting the modern design.

This model comes with almost all the features that one may desire in an upmarket wristwatch. It makes a great gift for yourself, or someone you love. Simple, sophisticated and reasonable, this proves to be an ideal watch – and the third among the top 3 best watches for men.

Best Watches for Women

Below is the review of the top 3 most popular women’s watches from the best watch makers in the world. The timepieces discussed here are highly admired by the ladies across the globe. Let’s see them one by one:

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1) Invicta Women’s 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Watch

Invicta Womens 5377 Square Angel Diamond Watch

The Invicta 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Women’s Watch is an extremely stylish and chic looking wristwatch. The timepiece is designed keeping in mind the everyday needs of modern women, who are always on the go.

In this watch review, we’ll take a thorough look at what Invicta has have to offer with its “Angel” diamond-studded watch to help you make an informed choice.


  • Stainless steel bezel complimenting the dial
  • Swizz Quartz Movement
  • Great Value


  • Overpowering Size


Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Stylish, elegant and precise, the Invicta Womens 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Watch is a perfect example of refined timepieces. It is truly elegant with polished silver ornaments, diamond laden stainless steel bezel and chronograph.

Bejeweled with mineral crystal ornament, the silver dial perfectly complements the hours and minute hands. Overall, a perfect timepiece for the women of substance!

Key Features

  • Water resistance up to 330 feet/100 meters
  • Swiss Quartz Movement delivering reliability and precision
  • Durable mineral crystal
  • Stainless steel band and case
  • Date display and Radiant hands
  • Chronograph functions: 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and days of the week sub-dials
  • Silver bezel accented with diamonds
  • Case diameter – 32.5 millimeters
  • Case thickness – 12 millimeters
  • Band width – 16 millimeters

Detailed Review

Launched in 2011, this watch was released under the segment of budgeted watches with a price that makes it an affordable option for everyone and anyone to own. Impressive body and innovative features are the two major factors that define this fancy watch. It is designed to suit all kinds of purposes one might have.

The Invicta 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented Watch comes with a square face displaying three chronograph sub-dials. The wristwatch features silver face, eye-catching diamond accent and fixed bezel. The heat treated mineral window protects the dial from scratches and external damages.

Reliable Swiss Quartz Movement

Invicta watches are renowned for their precision, and this chronograph timepiece tells accurate time as it uses swizz quartz movement.

So how does it work? Without going deep into technicalities, all you need is to know is that the watch works by passing the electrical charges to the crystal quartz. This causes mineral to vibrate, resulting in accurate hand movement.

The movement used in this watch makes it one of the most accurate and superior timepieces among both automatic and mechanical watches. If Swizz movement is what you aim at buying without paying the hefty price, this model from Invicta can just be the one. After all, nothing beats the precision of Swizz movement!

Water Resistant

Water resistance has become an integral feature of all modern watches, but the depth to which the watch can endure the effects of water is something to look upon. With a limit of 330 feet, this watch is suitable to carry on a rainy day, while swimming or enjoying water sports.

Snorkeling and diving is not recommended with Invicta 5377 Angel watch. Make sure you are well aware of your routine before putting on this watch for the day.

Sub-dials and Case

The watch comes with stainless steel square dial and a complementing case. In the very first look, you get the feeling of holding a classy and well-built watch, finished with silver bezel accented with diamonds. The case diameter and thickness is 32.5mm and 12mm, respectively.

The reasonable price and quality built of the Invicta 5377 Angel Women’s Watch provides great value for money. You get all the features that you see in high-end watches without having to break your bank. Ladies will be surely impressed with the innovatively designed Invicta chronograph watch. It does make a perfect gift!


The Invicta Women’s 5377 Angel is the first in our list of top 3 best affordable watches for women. It combines the value of money with the luxury of Swiss craftsmanship. This ensures perfection and long terms satisfaction. The diamond accented watch is a true representation of successful women in the 21st Century.

Invicta, as a brand is always striving to deliver the best possible product that a wearer can be proud of, and the 5377 Angel Diamond-Accented watch is one of their successful creations.

It delivers best quality, beauty and value for every penny that you spend. You can proudly adorn it at home, office or on a special date with your significant other.

2) Citizen Women’s EW1544-53A Eco-Drive Watch

best watch brands-Citizen Womens Eco-Drive

Classic, yet trendy, the Citizen Women’s EW1544-53A Eco-Drive Watch features precision quality movement. This elegant timepiece offers minimalist style and innovative functionality for daily wear.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive Silhouette watches are renowned for their diligent craftsmanship. Built with stainless steel bezel and case, these have robust, yet girly design. In terms of appearance, the Citizen EW1544-53A watch exhibits a perfect blend of contemporary accents and traditional look.


  • Eco-drive technology, no need for battery
  • Durable design, can last for more than a decade
  • Easy to read numerals


  • The push button fold-over clasp can bring a little challenge
  • Good for snorkeling and swimming, but not diving


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

An elegant wristwatch, the Citizen Eco-Drive EW1544-53A Silhouette Two-Tone Watch is composed of stainless steel silver and gold tone. For any women, this will prove to be an elegant addition to the wardrobe. You can wear it anywhere without worrying about the batteries.

Key Features

  • Two-Tone (Gold and silver) bezel and bracelet
  • Eco-Drive technology – powered by light
  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Analog display
  • Water resistant up to 330 feet
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Small date window

The Review

The Citizen Women’s EW1544-53A Eco-Drive Watch has everything that you need – from slender looks to high-end features and easy to read ability. It comes with clean white display, eco-drive functionality, easy to read numerals and discreet date and day display.

Mineral crystal element keeps the model resistant from scratches. Powered by Japan Quartz Movement, the watch is fueled by both artificial and natural light.

This means that you do not have to worry about replacing the battery every second year. Once fully charged, the watch can last for about 180 days. For added durability and reliability, the women’s eco-drive watch is water resistant up to 330 ft.

Design and Built

The design of the watch is self-explanatory. It is elegantly built to match all kinds of attires and moods. The bracelet and links also meet the same standards.

In short, you get all over stainless steel construction with gold and silver accents. Whether you focus on the links or the dial; some detailing makes a lot of difference. The dial window is made with mineral crystal, providing extra protection.

If we talk about appearance, everything seems good about this watch, from chain links to numerals and cutouts. The watch is super elegant and definitely a piece to die for.

Coming from a reputed brand, the Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive EW1544-53A Silhouette Watch exemplifies the class, sophistication and performance.

Japanese Quartz Movement

In terms of functionality and technicalities, the watch incorporates Japanese Quartz Movement, deriving eco-drive technology. In simple words, the watch requires light to work. It never needs a battery to function.

This womens watch is water resistant up to 300ft, which means you can use it for a multitude of sports games, but not diving. Best part is that it doesn’t need to be exposed to sunlight every day. It uses both artificial and natural light to run.

As mentioned earlier, one full charge can produce enough power for six month. In short, you don’t have to go to the repair shop ever to get the batteries replaced.

Dial and Face

The dial and the face of the wristwatch exuberates a perfect blend of functionality and design. With white background and black roman number, you’ll never have to put additional efforts to tell time. Just a glance and you’ll be able to read the numbers.

The Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive EW1544-53A Silhouette Watch also comes with a date box. The analog display adds elegance to the timepiece. If you are a great fan of classic timepieces, analog watches will always remain close to your heart, being one of the first choices every time you buy a new one.

You can adorn this Citizen watch with anything and everything that you like to adorn – from casual wear to even your corporate attire and date outfits. The contrasting colors make it a great option for solid dresses, especially black and white.


Citizen EW1544-53A is among the best watches for ladies. The two-tone Watch is among one of those watches that actually raises one’s expectations.

Its innovative technology and elegant looks make it ideal for any woman looking for a perfect timepiece for everyday wear. In short, this Citizen Eco-Drive watch is affordable and classy, something you just can’t miss!

3) Bulova 96R19 Diamond Women’s Chronograph

Bulova Womens 96R19 Diamond Watch

Bulova 96R19 is yet bestseller women’s watch. If you are looking for a watch that combines luxury with sporty looks, then Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch is the one you may want to consider buying.

Featuring three sub-dials chronograph and diamond studded bezel, this truly elegant piece from the house of Bulova could prove to be a great addition to your watch collection. It boasts clean white dial and shining stainless-steel bracelet.


  • Classy & elegant
  • Sixteen eye catching diamonds on the bezel
  • Elegant pearl white dial
  • Versatile
  • Multiple functions
  • Luminescent


  • Hard to read in the first look


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

Bulova Women’s 96R19 Diamond Chronograph is a stylishly crafted multi-functional timepiece designed for women. It boasts most simplistic design — finest diamonds, stainless steel band, and protective mineral crystal. Everything from the dial to hands is state-of-art crafted with pearl white finish.

The chronograph is also of the same color that creates harmony in the design. However, the watch is water resistant up to a certain degree (99 feet/ 30 meters). Meaning it can only endure common water damages, such as occasional rain and splashes.

Key Features

  • Japanese quartz mechanism
  • White dial and hands featuring ‘Mother of Pearl’ with black markers
  • 3 sub-dials for chronograph
  • Date window at 4 o’clock position
  • Luminous filled markers and hands
  • Mineral crystal for protecting face window from scratch damages
  • Ornamented Bezel – 16 diamonds encrusted on stainless steel
  • Stainless steel deployment clasp bracelet
  • Water resistant up to 30 meter (99 feet)

The Review

Bulova’s 96R19 diamond-chronograph women’s watch gives off a dressy feeling that will complement most of your attire. Not only the overall design, the watch has also been pretty impressive with providing lasting and quality experience in terms of functionality.

It has stood the test to deliver accurate and precise time without losing the quality at all. Here, we’ll discuss some details on what makes the Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph women’s watch an instant pick among watch buyers.

Polished Stainless Steel Case – 16 Handset Diamonds on the Bezel

Let’s talk about the main element of the watch. The polished stainless-steel case comes is encrusted with 16 diamonds, manually set into stationary bezel encircling the face of the watch. The diamonds are very small, but the way they are placed makes quite an impactful appearance.

No matter, at what angle you are looking at your watch, you’re going to catch a few sparkles. The best element is the space between each diamond. This space is filled with stainless steel spacer, which draws more attraction than the diamonds themselves.

If we talk about the size, Bulova women’s watch is suitably sized. At 30mm case and 13mm band, it is neither too large, nor too small. The appropriate size makes this watch trendy and comfortable to wear.

Stainless Steel Strap

The Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Womens Watch sports stainless steel strap, which means there is nothing to worry about in terms of quality. The strap is made of 16 links that are adjustable. You can remove the links to get the perfect fit for your wrist.

The outer stainless steel links are polished, but the interlinks are brushed. The deployment clasp is more of like cherry on the cake. Watches that come with deployment clasp have their own class, and this model perfectly fits that class. When fastened, the clasp is entirely concealed that offers a snug and secure fit.

Why Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch?

The Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch is renowned for delivering incredibly accurate time. It uses Japanese Quartz Movement, which ensures precision at all times. This means that you don’t have to worry about winding the watch.

Unlike other mechanical type watches that can be thicker and bulky, the Bulova 96R19 Diamond Watch is slim and elegant, perfect for a woman’s wrist.


Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch is simply gorgeous and powerful. With 16 stainless steel links and encrusted diamonds, this watch sparkles to its glory. The best part is that it comes in a suitable size to fit an average-sized wrist.

Functionally speaking, there is just nothing to complain about. With efficient quartz movement, the watch gives an accurate, durable and readable experience. Ideally, it is a timepiece that you would love to gift to your loved one or simply buy one for yourself. Every penny that you spend on this watch for women will be worth it.

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Review of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands

Watches – it’s not only about punctuality. Watches are a great investment piece, a great style statement, and of course, a time-telling device!

Obviously everybody loves a good watch. But the ‘best watch’ is a relative term and there is no ‘fit-for-all-watch’ on the market. Moreover, with so many options out there, for a person, it’s not easy to select a suitable watch for him or her.

Therefore, it’s very important to understand what your needs are. It’s also important to ensure whether the watch you pick suits your tastes or not. You might want to do some research as well. Another smart way to invest in a watch is to learn from other people’s experiences with a particular watch or watch brand. This way you can get the best timepiece that is cost effective, durable, elegant, and trendy. We have reviewed the top 10 most popular watch brands. So, let us see what it takes to be the top watch brand…

1 – Rolex Watches


Rolex Watches are known for their artistry, durability, and performance. They are regarded as one of the best watchmakers. Since their inception in 1905, with high standard of quality, Rolex is arguably the most celebrated watch brand in the world.

The communicative power—about your status, success, wealth, and taste—of Rolex wristwatches is simply unparalleled. Each Rolex watch is crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with extensive expertise and scrupulous attention to detail. Rolex is the largest manufacturer of COSC certified watches.

2 – Omega Watches


Omega watches are known for their innovative designs and cutting edge micro technology. For more than a half century, Omega have been one of the most sought-after watches on earth.

Omega is the only watch brand that has been worn on Earth, on the Moon, and the bottom of the ocean. It’s sporty and tough yet elegant design, mesmerizing display, and reliable movements make Omega one of the best watch brands.

Omega watches has been associated with James Bond movies as well. Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, wore Omega Seamaster Professional 300M and Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean in the latest Bond flicks.

Vintage Omega Watches to Omega Skyfall Watch

Omega has 4 major watch lines including:

  • Omega Constellation
  • Seamaster
  • Speedmaster
  • De Ville

3 – Casio Watches

Wrist-Candy for Super Nerds: Show how fashionably nerdy you are!


Casio is arguably amongst the top 10 most popular names in watches. And when it comes to ‘geeky watches’ they are the industry leader.

Thanks to the omnipresent cell phone, nobody needs a watch to keep track of time. But what if you just want a wristwatch as a status symbol? If you are looking for a reasonably priced timepiece that is reliable and trendy, Casio watches are for you.

Casio Watches have a reputation for being multi-functional. Their watches are equipped with Atomic Timekeeping and Self-Charging with Tough Solar Technology. Casio watches also feature Sunrise Sunset Data, Countdown Timer and a host of other features such as 48-city World Time.

Casio watches have more functional exterior case designs. The elegant timepieces are Shock Proof with G-Shock Technology. Such watches are reliable and need minimal care.

Casio focuses on a few key watch lines that are equally popular among men and women. The most popular Casio watch brands include G-Shock, Baby-G, Pro Trek, Edifice, wave captor, and Databank.

Today, Casio Watches are one of the most powerful and the smart geeky watch brands in the world. And it deserves to be rated amongst the most admired watch brands in the world.

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4 – Timex Watches

Buying a Timex watch is more than just a purchase, it is an investment.


Timex is probably the largest manufacturers of high quality watches. Since its beginning, Timex has revolutionized the watch making. They have a reputation of high performance and innovative watchmaker. One of the best wristwatch brands in the world, Timex watches are known for their dependability and craftsmanship.

Timex is a household name when it comes to intelligently designed timepieces. Timex is popular for their creative and compelling watch designs, durability, and superior performance.

One of the best features of Timex wristwatches is their ‘Indiglo’ electroluminescence technology. Indiglo is an innovative technology where a thin film is passed through an electrical current and it emits light. With a simple push of a button, the film lights the entire dial of the watch.

Timex watches can be categorized in outdoor, sports, fashion and style lines where they created several cherished consumer watches. Among others, Timex Ironman is one of the extremely popular watch brands. One of Timex Ironman’s biggest fans is former US President Bill Clinton.

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5 – Seiko Watches

Self-energizing automatic timepieces that have quartz accuracy!


Seiko is one of the most influential watchmakers in world. Seiko watches are renowned for their quality and style. Since its conception in 1881, the Japanese giant has been recognized everywhere for its trendy wrist watches. Seiko watches symbolize innovative designs, cutting-edge technology and luxurious refinement.

Seiko is the official timekeeper of many sporting events including Olympic Games, World Cup etc. Boasting many world firsts, Seiko introduced the Astron—the world’s first quartz watch, the first multifunction digital watch, the first quartz chronograph, and later went on to introduce the first Spring Drive watch with glide motion technology.

Seiko timepieces are durable and needs minimal maintenance. These are practical and accurate. The leading watch manufacturer produces both quartz and mechanical watches of varying prices. Seiko watches are available for as low as under $50. And the most expensive Seiko watch costs over US $554,000.

Seiko mechanical watches are highly prized by collectors. Seiko Kinetic watches are self-recharging automatic timepieces with quartz accuracy. They use kinetic movement of the wearer’s wrist to create the power that keeps the watch running.

Seiko watches are available for all tastes and lifestyles. There is a great product line of stunning timepieces. The most notables include Grand Seiko, Astron, Ananta, Velatura, Coutura, Sportura, Premier, Le Grand Sport, and Tressia.

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6 – Invicta Watches


Founded in 1837, Invicta is an American watchmaker. One of the leading watch brands in the world, Invicta is famous for its creative and high-performance watch designs. Invicta has created some of the best timepieces that suit the most particular and diverse of tastes.

Since its inception, Invicta watches are known for their innovative dimensions, quality, and durability. From oversized chronographs to dazzling diamond watches, every Invicta watch comes with an impressive design. Attractive dials, anti-reflective sapphire crystals, top quality materials and cutting-edge technology are the hallmarks of Invicta.

As far as the quality, price, and looks are concerned, Invicta is arguably the best watch brands that offer quality timepieces at very reasonable price. Invicta has set the exceptional standards for other watch makers. Its supremely crafted timepieces are available at the extremely reasonable prices that anyone can afford.

Invicta’s fashionable timepieces are equally popular among consumers and collectors. Invicta product line consists of a huge range of watches. Some of the finest watches include Pro Diver, Reserve, Subaqua, Angel, Bolt, Lupah, S1 Rally, Sea Spider, Ceramics, Corduba, Speedway, Jason Taylor and Russian Diver among others. With an array of carefully crafted watch styles and models, Invicta has something to please everyone.

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7 – Fossil Watches

Fossil Watches: Funky yet Elegant Watch Designs!


Founded in 1984, Fossil embodies the perfect mix of robust craftsmanship and diverse and eclectic look. Fossil watches are fashionable, reliable, and durable. Their timepieces come with funky yet elegant designs.

The high-quality watches don’t lose their charm after years of use. Special scratch resistant glass and LCD backgrounds are the benchmarks of Fossil. Stylish looks, timeless designs, and high quality materials make Fossil watches a household name among fashion-conscious American men and ladies.

Fossil also makes watches for some of the biggest watch brands including Adidas, Michael Kors, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, and Diesel. The American watch brand offers a stunning range of watches that include digital watches, chronographs, and titanium timepieces.

If you are looking for a great watch that is durable, has alluring style, and is available at very reasonable price, Fossil watches are for you.

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8 – Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors Watches: Elegant, Sporty, and Luxurious!


Michael Kors is one of the largest American fashion brands and the maker of fine luxury watches. Michael Kors watches are a must-have for the fashion-conscious men and women alike. These are elegant yet durable, sporty yet classy, luxurious yet colorful and funky yet reliable — everything you expect from the best watch maker.

Michael Kors has an impressive range of fashionable watches. Beginning with Gold and Silver watches, Michael Kors now also offers Rose Gold, Tortoise, and Bright-colored watches. Among others, Rose gold is a quite popular watch brand. They have a unique color—rose-tone mixed with the gold—that looks different and elegant. Rose Gold watches are available for both men and women.

The most popular Michael Kors women’s watches include ‘Gold-Tone’, ‘Color’, ‘White Hot’, ‘Ceramics’ and ‘Leather’. They also offer a range of gents’ watches for all occasions. Men’s watches include Gold, Rose Gold, Black and the Tortoise design.

Michael Kors watches look stunning on every wrist. No matter what your taste in watches is, Michael Kors offers a design that will suit your style. The sporty watches can be worn in different occasions—formal and informal both.

If you want a watch that is elegant, sporty, and luxurious at the same time, Michael Kors watches are for you.

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9 – Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches – More Elegant, More Luxury!


A cool watch should make a style statement. It should reflect your personality. Well, citizen does exactly the same. One of the world’s largest producers of watches, Citizen is known for its uniquely designed collection of innovative self-charged timepieces.

Citizen watches don’t need a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology utilizes the power of light and converts it into energy. Eco-Drive series of watches use a battery recharged by a solar panel placed just below the watch face and uses the light from any natural or artificial light source.

Citizen offers a collection of legendary timepieces under three major lines: ‘Citizen Eco-Drive’, ‘Citizen Signature’, and ‘Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive’.

Citizen has an array of trendy watches for different occasions and tastes. These range from dress to casual and sports to professional diving watches. The collection of visually stunning watch designs includes ‘Steel and Rose Gold Tone’, ‘Fall into the Season’, and the ‘Military Straps’.

If you are shopping for a new watch that is fashionable, dependable and functional, Citizen’s light-powered automatic watches are for you.

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10 – Armitron Watches

Armitron Watches – Best Quality at Reasonable Price.


Armitron is the US-based medium-price watchmaker. One of the most celebrated watchmakers in the US, Armitron has been creating quality watches for more than a half century. Their watches are best known for their enduring quality, timeless style, and finest details.

Genuine diamonds, Swarovski crystals, accented silver-tone bracelets, exotic leathers, and chronograph movements are the hallmark of Armitron. One of the most preferred watch brands, they provide an extensive collection of dress watches, chronograph watches, and sport watches.

Armitron watches include digital as well as traditional watches. Their watches come in a range of colors, shapes and styles. Armitron automatic watches don’t require battery. These are the self-winding ones and functions without a battery. Armitron Chronograph watches come with the standards features including alarm, a lap timer, a countdown timer, an hourly chime, LCD display, military time etc.

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Final Words

These are the best watches to buy in 2017 that happen to be the most popular as well. Watches vary in features, design, movements, and purpose. These also come with different price tag. While some watches are available for as low as under $10, certain watches will cost you over a million dollars.

Different people prefer different watches for different reasons. It depends on their needs and budget. People’s choice changes with time as well. But regardless of the taste and budget, everyone wants the best timepiece.

The best watches from the top watch brands in the list are not the most expensive ones. Rather these are the most admired and respected watch companies among people (based on the customer reviews and the bestsellers list on the top 10 online watch stores). And, as you may know by now, there are some of the finest watches available at relatively modest price. So make sure you get the best deal!