Review of the Top 10 Best Watch Brands

Watches – it’s not only about punctuality. Watches are a great investment piece, a great style statement, and of course, a time-telling device!

Obviously everybody loves a good watch. But the ‘best watch’ is a relative term and there is no ‘fit-for-all-watch’ on the market. Moreover, with so many options out there, for a person, it’s not easy to select a suitable watch for him or her.

Therefore, it’s very important to understand what your needs are. It’s also important to ensure whether the watch you pick suits your tastes or not. You might want to do some research as well. Another smart way to invest in a watch is to learn from other people’s experiences with a particular watch or watch brand. This way you can get the best timepiece that is cost effective, durable, elegant, and trendy. We have reviewed the top 10 most popular watch brands. So, let us see what it takes to be the top watch brand…

1 – Rolex Watches


Rolex Watches are known for their artistry, durability, and performance. They are regarded as one of the best watchmakers. Since their inception in 1905, with high standard of quality, Rolex is arguably the most celebrated watch brand in the world.

The communicative power—about your status, success, wealth, and taste—of Rolex wristwatches is simply unparalleled. Each Rolex watch is crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with extensive expertise and scrupulous attention to detail. Rolex is the largest manufacturer of COSC certified watches.

2 – Omega Watches


Omega watches are known for their innovative designs and cutting edge micro technology. For more than a half century, Omega have been one of the most sought-after watches on earth.

Omega is the only watch brand that has been worn on Earth, on the Moon, and the bottom of the ocean. It’s sporty and tough yet elegant design, mesmerizing display, and reliable movements make Omega one of the best watch brands.

Omega watches has been associated with James Bond movies as well. Daniel Craig, the current James Bond, wore Omega Seamaster Professional 300M and Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean in the latest Bond flicks.

Vintage Omega Watches to Omega Skyfall Watch

Omega has 4 major watch lines including:

  • Omega Constellation
  • Seamaster
  • Speedmaster
  • De Ville

3 – Casio Watches

Wrist-Candy for Super Nerds: Show how fashionably nerdy you are!


Casio is arguably amongst the top 10 most popular names in watches. And when it comes to ‘geeky watches’ they are the industry leader.

Thanks to the omnipresent cell phone, nobody needs a watch to keep track of time. But what if you just want a wristwatch as a status symbol? If you are looking for a reasonably priced timepiece that is reliable and trendy, Casio watches are for you.

Casio Watches have a reputation for being multi-functional. Their watches are equipped with Atomic Timekeeping and Self-Charging with Tough Solar Technology. Casio watches also feature Sunrise Sunset Data, Countdown Timer and a host of other features such as 48-city World Time.

Casio watches have more functional exterior case designs. The elegant timepieces are Shock Proof with G-Shock Technology. Such watches are reliable and need minimal care.

Casio focuses on a few key watch lines that are equally popular among men and women. The most popular Casio watch brands include G-Shock, Baby-G, Pro Trek, Edifice, wave captor, and Databank.

Today, Casio Watches are one of the most powerful and the smart geeky watch brands in the world. And it deserves to be rated amongst the most admired watch brands in the world.

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