4 – Timex Watches

Buying a Timex watch is more than just a purchase, it is an investment.


Timex is probably the largest manufacturers of high quality watches. Since its beginning, Timex has revolutionized the watch making. They have a reputation of high performance and innovative watchmaker. One of the best wristwatch brands in the world, Timex watches are known for their dependability and craftsmanship.

Timex is a household name when it comes to intelligently designed timepieces. Timex is popular for their creative and compelling watch designs, durability, and superior performance.

One of the best features of Timex wristwatches is their ‘Indiglo’ electroluminescence technology. Indiglo is an innovative technology where a thin film is passed through an electrical current and it emits light. With a simple push of a button, the film lights the entire dial of the watch.

Timex watches can be categorized in outdoor, sports, fashion and style lines where they created several cherished consumer watches. Among others, Timex Ironman is one of the extremely popular watch brands. One of Timex Ironman’s biggest fans is former US President Bill Clinton.

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5 – Seiko Watches

Self-energizing automatic timepieces that have quartz accuracy!


Seiko is one of the most influential watchmakers in world. Seiko watches are renowned for their quality and style. Since its conception in 1881, the Japanese giant has been recognized everywhere for its trendy wrist watches. Seiko watches symbolize innovative designs, cutting-edge technology and luxurious refinement.

Seiko is the official timekeeper of many sporting events including Olympic Games, World Cup etc. Boasting many world firsts, Seiko introduced the Astron—the world’s first quartz watch, the first multifunction digital watch, the first quartz chronograph, and later went on to introduce the first Spring Drive watch with glide motion technology.

Seiko timepieces are durable and needs minimal maintenance. These are practical and accurate. The leading watch manufacturer produces both quartz and mechanical watches of varying prices. Seiko watches are available for as low as under $50. And the most expensive Seiko watch costs over US $554,000.

Seiko mechanical watches are highly prized by collectors. Seiko Kinetic watches are self-recharging automatic timepieces with quartz accuracy. They use kinetic movement of the wearer’s wrist to create the power that keeps the watch running.

Seiko watches are available for all tastes and lifestyles. There is a great product line of stunning timepieces. The most notables include Grand Seiko, Astron, Ananta, Velatura, Coutura, Sportura, Premier, Le Grand Sport, and Tressia.

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6 – Invicta Watches


Founded in 1837, Invicta is an American watchmaker. One of the leading watch brands in the world, Invicta is famous for its creative and high-performance watch designs. Invicta has created some of the best timepieces that suit the most particular and diverse of tastes.

Since its inception, Invicta watches are known for their innovative dimensions, quality, and durability. From oversized chronographs to dazzling diamond watches, every Invicta watch comes with an impressive design. Attractive dials, anti-reflective sapphire crystals, top quality materials and cutting-edge technology are the hallmarks of Invicta.

As far as the quality, price, and looks are concerned, Invicta is arguably the best watch brands that offer quality timepieces at very reasonable price. Invicta has set the exceptional standards for other watch makers. Its supremely crafted timepieces are available at the extremely reasonable prices that anyone can afford.

Invicta’s fashionable timepieces are equally popular among consumers and collectors. Invicta product line consists of a huge range of watches. Some of the finest watches include Pro Diver, Reserve, Subaqua, Angel, Bolt, Lupah, S1 Rally, Sea Spider, Ceramics, Corduba, Speedway, Jason Taylor and Russian Diver among others. With an array of carefully crafted watch styles and models, Invicta has something to please everyone.

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