7 – Fossil Watches

Fossil Watches: Funky yet Elegant Watch Designs!


Founded in 1984, Fossil embodies the perfect mix of robust craftsmanship and diverse and eclectic look. Fossil watches are fashionable, reliable, and durable. Their timepieces come with funky yet elegant designs.

The high-quality watches don’t lose their charm after years of use. Special scratch resistant glass and LCD backgrounds are the benchmarks of Fossil. Stylish looks, timeless designs, and high quality materials make Fossil watches a household name among fashion-conscious American men and ladies.

Fossil also makes watches for some of the biggest watch brands including Adidas, Michael Kors, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, DKNY, and Diesel. The American watch brand offers a stunning range of watches that include digital watches, chronographs, and titanium timepieces.

If you are looking for a great watch that is durable, has alluring style, and is available at very reasonable price, Fossil watches are for you.

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8 – Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors Watches: Elegant, Sporty, and Luxurious!


Michael Kors is one of the largest American fashion brands and the maker of fine luxury watches. Michael Kors watches are a must-have for the fashion-conscious men and women alike. These are elegant yet durable, sporty yet classy, luxurious yet colorful and funky yet reliable — everything you expect from the best watch maker.

Michael Kors has an impressive range of fashionable watches. Beginning with Gold and Silver watches, Michael Kors now also offers Rose Gold, Tortoise, and Bright-colored watches. Among others, Rose gold is a quite popular watch brand. They have a unique color—rose-tone mixed with the gold—that looks different and elegant. Rose Gold watches are available for both men and women.

The most popular Michael Kors women’s watches include ‘Gold-Tone’, ‘Color’, ‘White Hot’, ‘Ceramics’ and ‘Leather’. They also offer a range of gents’ watches for all occasions. Men’s watches include Gold, Rose Gold, Black and the Tortoise design.

Michael Kors watches look stunning on every wrist. No matter what your taste in watches is, Michael Kors offers a design that will suit your style. The sporty watches can be worn in different occasions—formal and informal both.

If you want a watch that is elegant, sporty, and luxurious at the same time, Michael Kors watches are for you.

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9 – Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches – More Elegant, More Luxury!


A cool watch should make a style statement. It should reflect your personality. Well, citizen does exactly the same. One of the world’s largest producers of watches, Citizen is known for its uniquely designed collection of innovative self-charged timepieces.

Citizen watches don’t need a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive technology utilizes the power of light and converts it into energy. Eco-Drive series of watches use a battery recharged by a solar panel placed just below the watch face and uses the light from any natural or artificial light source.

Citizen offers a collection of legendary timepieces under three major lines: ‘Citizen Eco-Drive’, ‘Citizen Signature’, and ‘Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive’.

Citizen has an array of trendy watches for different occasions and tastes. These range from dress to casual and sports to professional diving watches. The collection of visually stunning watch designs includes ‘Steel and Rose Gold Tone’, ‘Fall into the Season’, and the ‘Military Straps’.

If you are shopping for a new watch that is fashionable, dependable and functional, Citizen’s light-powered automatic watches are for you.

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