Are Citizen watches good to buy in 2017? Is Citizen a good watch brand? These are a few questions that we often hear from our readers at EleganceRefyned. Citizen is one of the best watch brands in world. Citizen watches are well-known for their sophisticated look and the low maintenance costs.

Citizen watches don’t need a battery to function. Instead, Citizen uses ‘Eco-Drive’ technology that uses the power of external light and converts it into energy.

So, are Citizen watches good? We’ve pulled together a list of some of the top best watches by Citizen. Have a look at the list below and pick the best watch that suits your taste and budget.

Are Citizen Watches Good to Buy in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Are you looking for a finely-crafted men’s watch? You might be interested in these Citizen watches for men. The watches compared and reviewed here are sophisticated, elegant, durable, and affordable. We are sure these Citizen watch reviews will help you find a perfect match for you.

1) Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Watch

Citizen BM8180-03E

The Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap watch for men is very sleek and attractive.

The inspiration behind this particular watch style is definitely the military, but the good (or bad?) thing about the watch is its size.

At 37 mm, the timepiece is a bit smaller than the standard men’s watches. While it might not be as big as the rest of the men’s watches, the clear style of the dial makes it easy for the user to read time and check for day/date.

In the dark, this Citizen Eco Drive watch for men has a tendency of having a gorgeous blue glow, unlike most other watches which have a fluorescent set of hands.

The men’s watch is a sturdy yet extremely classy design which doesn’t go out of fashion. Priced under $200, the Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E ‘Eco-Drive’ Canvas Strap Watch is very affordable compared to the features it has. Are these Citizen watches good?

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2) Citizen AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

Citizen AT0200-05E Eco-Drive

At a glance, Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive would come across as a solid, simple, large dialed watch, with a canvas strap.

The chronograph features red second hand and the date at four o’clock, which make it a different.

The Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas watch is waterproof to up to 330 feet, and is quite easy to set.

Since it’s an Eco-Drive watch, it can hold charge for a while, so you can leave it without wearing for a couple of days without fearing that the charge will die down.

The strap of the watch is canvas, but the insides are coated, which is why the watch strap does not absorb sweat.

The strap is not too long, so those who have a thicker wrist than average will probably need to change the strap to adjust this watch to their wrist.

The Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas watch is moderately priced, at under 200 dollars. So are Citizen watches good quality?

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