Who Makes Invicta Watches?

Are Invicta Watches Good Quality

Are Invicta Watches Good?

Invicta is the American-based watch company. The Invicta Watch Group produces moderately priced men’s watches and ladies’ watches. Their watches are, as they call, All-American style watches. Invicta don’t produce its own watch movements. They use Swiss and Japanese movements and assemble their timepieces in Florida.

One of the best watch brands in the world, Invicta produces quartz, self-winding automatic and manual-winding mechanical watches. Best known for its outdoor sports watches, Invicta watches feature oversized dials and multiple functions.

Invicta produces a wide range of watches. The most popular Invicta’s collection of watches include Pro Diver, Subaqua, Speedway, and Russian Diver among others.

So, How Good Are Invicta Watches?

Every watch brand makes some good watches and some bad watches. So are the Invicta watches. Some of the Invicta watches are perfect for everyday wear. These are elegant, accurate, durable, and reasonably priced, usually under $500.

On the other hand, certain watches from Invicta collection may cost you in range of $1000 or more. But again you get what you pay for. Just check it on eBay or Amazon and see what people are saying about Invicta watches.


Once again, are Invicta watches good? Many of us will say Invicta watches are good, while some people may not find them good. In my opinion, Invicta watches are good when it comes to buy a ‘go to’ watch that is affordable as well as functional.

So, it is safe to say that if you are looking for a watch that is functional, sophisticated, reliable, and durable, Invicta watches are for you. As far as quality is concerned, you can be rest assured. You see, every Invicta watch comes with a 1-year warranty.

Another important factor is price. Most of the people on online forums and stores have a common thing to say: “Invicta watches are good quality yet relatively inexpensive.” Majority of Invicta watches are within the reach of everyone’s budget and are some of the best watches under $ 500 price range.

So, are Invicta watches good to buy in 2017? How good are Invicta watches? What is your take on the Invicta watch brand? Don’t forget to share your views on the comments below.