Are Michael Kors Watches good to buy in 2017? Michael Kors has been a brand which men and women depend on. Michael Kors produces stylish, cool watches which would look classic and elegant without being overblown in any manner.

Michael Kors watches are quality timepieces with unique designs. The brand keeps on reinventing itself, but still, it makes a point to keep some of the timeless beauties which are classics and will never go out of fashion.

The watch reviews and comparison list is based on the popularity of the watches. The following is a compilation of the 7 most talked-about and bestseller budget watches from Michael Kors.

Are Michael Kors Watches Good: 7 Bestsellers Reviewed

The Michael Kors watches reviewed here are not the most expensive ones; rather these watches for men and women are the most admired timepieces, and these offer the best value for money. So, let us look at them one by one, in detail.

#1: Michael Kors MK5191 Gold-Tone Women’s Watch

Michael Kors MK5191 Gold-Tone ladies watch

The classic combination of black and gold with a very sexy black dial are the first things to notice about Michael Kors MK5191 Gold-Tone watch. Dial has three sub-dials where you can keep time of other time zones as well. The bracelet style adds elegance and grace to watch which is quite remarkable.

A round chronograph has a date display at four o’clock. The watch has a gorgeous black and gold strap with a gold clasp. The strap is adjustable by removing links from it to fit it to the user’s hand.

The Michael Kors Women’s MK5191 Black Dial watch comes with a stainless steel back to protect it from sweat and dirt. The watch is waterproof to up to 100 meters.

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#2: Michael Kors MK5020 Quartz Women’s Watch

womens Michael Kors MK5020 Quartz watch

Steel and silver with an elegant mother of pearl dial, Michael Kors MK5020 Women’s Quartz Chronograph watch is extremely appealing at first sight. The timepiece is perfect for the times you want to sport an elegant piece on your wrist, without it becoming too chunky or glittery.

The mother of pearl dial catches lights and reflects it off wonderfully, giving it an almost iridescent glow. The Michael Kors MK5020 Women’s watch does not weigh much, which makes it a great wear for those who want to sport a heavy-looking watch that is in reality pretty lightweight.

The bracelet strap can be easily made to fit around the wrist by taking out links. A scratchproof mineral base protects the dial, and the watch is waterproof till around 50 meters. The band might get a few scratches over prolonged use. Michael Kors MK5020 Quartz is indeed a gorgeous watch for women.

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