#6: Michael Kors MK5076 Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Michael Kors MK5076 Quartz Watch

If silver is the order of the day then Michael Kors MK5076 Women’s watch delivers that perfectly. Although made for women, the watch’s chunky style makes it the perfect “boyfriend style watch”, and women who love the heavier look on their wrist would adore this.

With its Silver Tone, the Michael Kors MK5076 Women’s watch is an expensive looking chronograph watch. Users who have sported this watch have commented about the abundance of steel and silver in the watch design, and the big analog face which is pretty difficult to miss.

It has a very modern style and looks sleek rather than being overdone and messy. This Michael Kors timepiece also boasts water resistant to about 100 meters, and is fairly shock proof. That makes this an excellent watch for both special occasions and everyday wear.

#7: Michael Kors MK5055 Runway Gold-Tone Watch

Gold-Tone Michael Kors MK5055 Runway watch

Michael Kors Women’s MK5055 Chronograph watch is something that you can show off and flaunt. The design of this watch is impeccable, with a golden dial with Arabic numerals on it. The dial of the timepiece is protected by a mineralized crystal guard.

It has an elegant design. There are some concern about the gold tone of the watch strap wearing off to show the steel underneath. However, that’s not the case. It’s reliable and durable. Arabic numerals also look great.

Michael Kors Women’s MK5055 Chronograph watch has three sub-dials and also a date display window. The large face of the watch makes it easy for you to check date and time in a single glance. The watch is waterproof to up to 330 feet and has a good resistance to shock. It is a glorious timepiece and would last for years to come.

Final Words on Michael Kors Watches

There are a huge number of watches to select from, but a few of them stand out from the crowd. These are great for personal use, or as a gift, and the designs selected here are especially for the ladies who love to show off top brands without making it too obvious.

So are Michael Kors watches good to buy in 2017? These are some of the top designer watches from Michael Kors. Every watch comes with the Michael Kors watch warranty.

The timepieces reviewed and compared here are among the most popular as well as the bestselling wristwatches from the brand. So do you find these Michael Kors women’s watches good quality? Now it’s up to you to determine.