6) Seiko SKA366 Kinetic Watch – Black Ion Finish

Seiko Kinetic Mens

With its reliable kinetic movement, the Seiko Men’s SKA366 Kinetic watch functions without a battery. This gold tone is achieved by using Titanium Carbon Nitride to produce a slightly metallic golden effect.
The result is quite stunning and this makes for an excellent dress watch.

It is a very smart watch with black Ion finish, with a gorgeous gold tone added to it. The Seiko Men’s SKA366 Kinetic watch is indeed great for everyday use as well.

The gold and black exterior of the watch is resistant to minor shock and scratches thanks to the strong Hardlex crystal protective window over the dial. This Seiko watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

7) Seiko SNE042 Two-Tone Solar Charcoal Dial Watch

Seiko SNE042 Solar

The Seiko Men’s SNE042 Two-Tone watch is slightly unusual, since it draws all its energy from any form of light.

The watch has a lovely charcoal grey dial, with golden hands for minute, hour and second. The classic yet versatile design makes it perfect for virtually any occasion.

There is a solar cell in the watch which generates power inside the watch. The timepiece powers itself from sunlight and lights from an electric bulb. There is a date/day display at 3 o’clock. The bezel of the watch is gold-toned as well, and it looks lovely in contrast.

The strap is stainless steel with a band of gold running through. The two-toned color complement the charcoal and golden dial of the watch. The Seiko Men’s SNE042 Two-Tone Solar Charcoal Dial Watch is a very masculine watch, and is pretty heavy, so adjust the strap before wearing.

Final Words on Seiko Watches

Are Seiko Watches Good Quality

Are Seiko Watches Good Quality?

So are Seiko watches good in 2017 as well? Now it’s safe to say yes, at least after analyzing the above mentioned watches. Seiko has been a high performance watch brand for a considerable period of time. Their watch models are all cutting edge technology mixed with classic elegance and grand designs.

The Seiko watches for men discussed hare are perfect examples of the same. These are some of the best timepieces under $200 considering their features, design, and price.

These are the most popular Seiko watches as well. However, this is not by any means a comprehensive list. You can check out myriad other designs available online and offline. So, are these the best affordable watches to buy in 2017? Let us know!