Are Timex watches good to buy in 2017? Timex watches are smart in appearance, easy on the pocket, and durable. These three attributes make them a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or just for your own self.

However, there are a huge number of models and you might just get confused. So, are Timex watches good? Fear not, we have got our top seven picks from their vast range. These are both affordable and adorable.

The affordable Timex watches reviewed and compared below are the best watches under $100. So how good are the Timex watches? Keep reading to know whether or not the Timex watches are reliable.

Top 7 Timex Watches under $100: A Buying Guide

Below is the review of the 7 bestseller Timex watches. These are trendy yet sophisticated, reliable yet affordable, robust yet fashionable. So let us watch them one by one:

1) Timex T5G841 1440 Sports Unisex Watch

Timex T5G841 watch

Branded as unisex, the Timex Unisex T5G841 1440 Digital watch is quite stylish with a silver and pink face.

It has a considerably large digital display and date and day function. Resin build body makes it durable and lightweight.

The large digital display makes it very easy to read the time. The date and day are displayed right on top of the time in smaller font, so it makes the job of knowing date and time fairly simple. There is an option to select between 12 hour and 24 hour formats.

This Timex watch is water resistant to 50 meters. Timex Unisex T5G841 1440 Sports watch features lightweight resin case and the resin band.

The band of the watch can fit around both slender and thick wrists, which makes it easy for most users to wear it, and the band is simple but sweat-resistant.

Although the Timex T5G841 watch might be too small for some wrists, it is a good watch for those who would love to have a timepiece which would display accurate time without much fuss.

Verdict: With such features and extremely reasonable prices, this Timex watch is one of the bestselling wristwatches out there.

2) Timex T5K086 1440 Sport Men’s Watch

Timex Sport Watch

The Timex Men’s T5K086 1440 Sports watch has a very simple design and a digital face. The black and blue combination is versatile can be teamed up with virtually any attire.
The watch comes with Indiglo night-light mechanism and doesn’t require a battery replacement.

Athletes and outdoor workers need a watch which would have a band that would not absorb sweat and funky odor. The Timex Men’s T5K086 1440 Sports Digital Black/Blue Resin Strap Watch is a great watch for such people.

It has resin Case and strap that don’t absorb sweat and keep it fresh. One of the best watches under 100 dollars, the Timex Men’s T5K086 1440 Sports Digital watch comes loaded with a 24-hour stopwatch as well as a 24-hour chronograph, and an alarm facility.

Along with the uncluttered display and clear visibility, thee features make it a great watch to keep time accurately. This Timex watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

Although the design is basic, it still is quite elegant and can be the perfect wristwatch for the athletes and those who love a good workout. Another great watch for under $50.