Looks can be killing!

Personal Grooming Tips for Men and Women: Personal grooming is all about presenting yourself. It’s about smart looks as well. It also shows how prepared and serious you are about your work.

No matter what profession you are in – whether you are a sales person, a software engineer, a teacher, a marketer, a chief executive of a company or an entrepreneur, you need to look neat & clean and well-dressed.

While there are some differences when it comes to personal grooming for women and grooming for men, basically there are three aspects that determine our personality. We’ll discuss the general and less gender-specific aspects of personal grooming for working people. Here we go:

3 Elements of Personal Grooming

  • Good Looks
  • Body Language
  • Manners and Etiquettes

These aspects complement each other and collectively develop an impressive personality. You cannot have a powerful personality if any of the factors lacks. In this article we’ll discuss them one by one (with more emphasis on looks).

As we talked above, looks can be killing at times. That means we need to look neat & clean, well-dressed, and smart/beautiful.

For impressive personality we need to take care of our health, body, and wear. In order to achieve an elegant look, there is a long list of things that we can (should) do.

21 Personal Grooming Tips for Men & Women

1) Be Neat and Clean:

Always keep yourself clean from head to toe. It’s important. Have a bath every day. It’s the very basic step of personal grooming.

2) Face Care:

Needless to say your face is the single most important part of your personality.

Having even complexion, excellent oral health & sparkling teeth, well-maintained facial hair, and a great smile on the face make your personality really impressive.

3) Facial Hair:

Facial hair is probably the most problematic area on your face. Especially for ladies, facial hair doesn’t look good.

Removing hairs from unwanted areas such as upper lips is a must. Dark shades on the upper lips won’t look good.

4) Eyebrows:

Nicely shaped brows will add charm to your overall look. So, clear eyes with clean shaped eyebrows should be an essential part of your grooming regime.

5) Makeup:

As far as makeup is concerned don’t overdo. It should be light and formal. However, this doesn’t mean you go at work with no makeup.

Just avoid too heavy makeup such as excessive lipstick, elaborated eye makeup and false eyelashes, visible tattoos etc.

6) Concealers:

Mask those dark circles under your eyes. Likewise, cover up age spots, pores, and blemishes on the visible skin area. Use some quality concealer for desired results.

7) Lip Care:

Lip care is also important. Lips give your face a complete look. Wear mascara and lip color for the polished and attractive lips.

8) Oral Health:

Sparkling teeth and refreshing smell are the basics of healthy body and attractive look. Keep your teeth clean and bright.

Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse them several times. And, your mouth odor repels people.

Have awful breath, use medicated mouthwash. Visit your dentist every couple of months.

9) Body Hair:

Shave off excess hair whenever necessary. Particularly for ladies, shave your legs if you wear clothes that reveal your legs.

Likewise, make sure you remove hair from your underarms and bikini lines. For men, removing hair from underarms and ears is also necessary.

10) Skin Care:

Make sure your skin is fresh, soft, moisturized, and hydrated. Apply quality moisturizer several times during a day. Another thing to care, keep your skin tone even.

Conceal skin issues/disorders such as blemishes. Go moderate and avoid extreme things such as visible tattoos etc.

Follow proper skin care regime — use sunscreens, drink lots of water, sleep properly, and do regular exercise to keep your skin glow all the time.

11) Hair Style:

Your hairstyle must be conservative and basic. Neat and sensible hairdo is considered best at workplace and for formal occasions.

12) Hair Color:

If you do hair dye, use colors similar to your natural hair color. That means, always use natural colors (black/ brown) and avoid blue, green etc.

13) Hair Length:

For men it must be shorter (about 1-3 inches) and properly cut. If you are a woman with longer hair, tie your locks back, a neat ponytail or bun is just perfect.

14) Body Smell/Odor:

Your body odor repels people. So, don’t forget to use a deodorant — just use the light ones. It’ll keep you fresh whole day. Similarly, go easy on the scents and perfumes.

Too strong deodorants, scents, colognes, or perfumes could be annoying for the people near you. Never ever use an excessive amount of a perfume.

15) Nail Care:

Your nails should be clean, neatly trimmed, and well-shaped. Keep a good manicure and pedicure routine so that next time people won’t say ‘Gosh, did you see his/her dirty fingernails?’

Say no to overly long nails. Stay away from false nails or elaborate nail art. Always keep them neutral-colored!

16) Dress for Success:

Nobody likes weak collars and faded clothes. Your clothes must be clean, neatly ironed, easy-to-wear, practical, and well-coordinated.

Likewise, a perfect outfit should match the occasion. Dress conservatively for business meets and professional gatherings.

17) Shoes:

Many people tend to treat their shoes as less important. However, dirty and scuffed shoes are the biggest repellant when it comes to attract people.

Neatly polished shoes are a must. Make sure no scuff marks are visible on your shoes. Similarly, avoid too high heels, noisy, and slippery soles.

18) Jewelry and Watches:

Wear appropriate jewelry at work. Going conservative is the best bet. Wear basic jewelry and don’t wear plenty of them.

Avoid noisy and too large jewelry such as metal bangle bracelets. Keep them small and simple.

Do you wear watches? Great, go for a nice, conservative dress watches with elegant professional appeal.

19) Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses:

Select the eyeglasses that suit your skin color, face type, profession, and personality. Your glasses must complement your usual dressing style. In fact, whatever you wear at work, you need to look professional.

The best thing about glasses is that they give you a graceful and professional look. Wearing right eyeglasses help you look great and make an impact.

Prescription glasses or eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular. These are available in various in styles and shapes. However, if you wear them at work, go for the conservative style.

Always choose frames that are lightweight, durable, and flexible. Wearing unusual shapes and multi-colored or patterned frames is not recommended.

If you wear sunglasses take them off when you are inside. You should not (cannot) wear sunglasses to work.

It’ll be considered unprofessional — it seems as if you are hiding something, are not confident, or you are an arrogant person so avoid sunglasses at work.

20) Body Posture and Exercise:

Now, it’s not a secret that having a healthy body is crucial for good looks. Well-maintained physique, shining skin, and impressive posture add charisma to your personality.

Regular exercise help you strengthen muscles and improve your posture. Aerobic exercises such as running, Yoga etc add glow to your skin as well. Coupled with the full sleep, meditation, and rest will make you strong and efficient at work.

For greater personality, take proper rest, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and juices, and do regular exercises. After all, the slouching posture is not going to give you a good impression.

21) Dining Etiquettes:

In addition to the factors discussed above, your dining etiquettes are also important. Dining etiquettes is all about how you eat and behave on a dining table.

It includes table manners, restaurant etiquettes, wine etiquettes, business etiquettes, and conversation tips among others. Leaning them will help you avoid certain awkward situations.


So there are the 21 Personal Grooming Tips for your professional/ career advancement. Finally, your communication skills play a significant role.

The way you speak and the words you choose reflect your personality. Be polite and polished in your communications.

Use the courtesy words such as ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’ etc. more than often. Greet everyone with a big SMILE. Spread warmth and positive energy wherever you go and whoever you meet. Hope this helps!