What are the affordable luxury watches for men? If you are looking for the luxury watches that are affordable as well, this article is for you. We’ve listed the top 5 best luxury watches admired by men all over the world.

The luxury watches are not just expensive time telling tools. The cool timepieces discussed here are finely crafted yet affordable luxury watches from some of the distinguished watch brands.

The brands reviewed include TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant, Raymond-Weil and other Swiss watch makers. So get the finest jewelry for the season without going bankrupt.

Top 5 Bestseller Affordable Luxury Watches for Men

The luxury watches for men we discussed below are available in price range $500 to $2000.

The entry-level Swiss luxury watches are affordable yet elegant timepieces. So let us discuss the top 5 bestseller timepieces one by one:

1) TAG Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Silver-Tone Watch

mens TAG Heuer watch WAY1111.BA0910

TAG Heuer Men’s Silver-Tone Watch WAY1111.BA0910 Review: This TAG Heuer model integrates looks, class, style and utility for those seeking these elements in their wrist wear.

A member of the Brand’s Aquaracer series, WAY1111 BA0910 emanates luxury in its setting, delivers convenience in design, incorporates reliable features for watch protection, and is diver-friendly.


  • Swiss made watch
  • Stainless steel and silver-tone impart a stylish and elegant look
  • Quartz watch movement renders practical convenience
  • Scratch-resistant crystal design serves as watch safeguard
  • Luminescent dials facilitate clear vision
  • Design is diver-friendly


  • The metal build and its weight can make the watch heavy for light-weight seekers


If you’re looking for a classy luxury watch that has a reputed name behind it, is precise at its job and stays with you for a long time, then the TAG Heuer WAY1111 BA0910 could be your choice.

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TAG Heuer Men’s WAY1111.BA0910 Silver-Tone Watch: Features


TAG Heuer WAY1111 BA0910 is of stainless steel built, which lends the luxury timepiece a solid look. The watch case is stainless steel as is the bracelet. The silver tone used for dials and markers add to the richness.

With 40mm case diameter, 12mm case thickness and 449 grams weight, the timepiece is one solid piece of luxury metal on your wrist. The strap is classic fold-over. There is a screw-motion-based crown. Display is analog. Stylish logo design at 12 o’clock position renders a personal touch.

Quality: The Swiss Quartz make ensures precision of watch movement. Dials, sub-dials and markers come with accurate placements.

Convenience: Sapphire crystal make protects the watch from scratches. Quartz movement ensures low maintenance; you don’t need to service your watch often as a change of battery would suffice.

Luminescent markers and hands aid in increased visibility. Date display at 3 o’clock position gives convenience of readability. The watch is waterproof to up to 1000 feet.

Diver-Friendly Features: TAG Heuer WAY1111 BA0910 is water-resistant at 1000 feet. The timepiece comes with a bezel that rotates in one direction; with precise bezel markers, dials and sub-dials, the timepiece can be handy for divers to measure their time of stay under water.


TAG Heuer WAY1111 BA0910 Men’s Watch can be a great formal and casual accessory. The model wins points with watch lovers that desire classic richness in their timepiece.

Those seeking some extra features apart from the luxury of design may find the rotating bezel interesting for they can use it to time day-to-day events. You could go with it if you’re looking for classy and quality timepieces backed by a legendary brand. Reference: Tag Heuer

2) Frederique Constant Men’s Slim Line Watch

mens Frederique Constant FC306MC4S36

Frederique Constant Men’s Slim Line Watch FC306MC4S36 Review: The Frederique Constant men’s watch packs in multiple features that make it a worthy luxury buy.

There are a few drawbacks though that may be disappointing to buyers expecting more practicality and utilities from their luxury timepiece.


  • Sleekness and elegance of design
  • Great for formal and casual occasions
  • Caters to lovers of classic automatic timepieces
  • Packs in several features to ensure longer watch life


The watch ceases functioning if not worn for 24-48 hours as it uses automatic movement. You need to reset it. Automatic watches tend to lose or gain time on a daily basis in which case you would have to adjust your timepiece constantly.


The Frederique Constant Men’s FC306MC4S36 model is from the Brand’s Slim-line series offers a stylish and clean design with a craftsmanship that lovers of classic automatic watches have come to enjoy. Go for it if you are keen on the classy luxurious design and can wear your watch almost every day.

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Frederique Constant Men’s FC306MC4S36: Review & Features

On the Face of It:

Frederique Constant FC306MC4S36 watch for men comes with a neat design. It has an analog display (Roman numerals) with black-toned hands. A round stainless steel case shields a silver dial based on Guilloche design.

Guilloche is a classic design technique employed by watch makers to engrave precise complex patterns mechanically on dials. If you are an avid lover of intricate patterns on watches, this one may be just for you. The logo display at the 12 o’clock position offers the signature look of the brand.


The Frederique Constant FC306MC4S36 luxury timepiece has several features that contribute to a long-lasting product. The watch uses 316L stainless steel, which means your watch is corrosion resistant.

The watch incorporates a sapphire crystal, which makes it scratch- and crack-resistant. The crystal comes with an anti-reflective coating, which translates into greater visibility for you; you’ll be able to view the dial through the crystal clearly.

The watch clasp is a black alligator leather buckle-type closure. In addition to adding style and elegance, alligator leather offers greater durability and is lower on maintenance.

Automatic Watch Movement:

Frederique Constant FC306MC4S36 is an automatic watch, which means it runs on the energy transferred by the movements of your wrist.

While the automatic watch movement facilitates inclusion of fine craftsmanship that is difficult to find in Quartz watches, it comes with its own drawback.

This Frederique Constant watch has to be worn on a daily basis to supply the energy the watch needs to operate at nights when you don’t wear it.

You can use the watch for 24 to 48 hours without wearing it.
In case the watch stops, you need to wind the crown or shake it to get it started. Reset the time and date and use it again.


Frederique Constant Men’s FC306MC4S36 is light weight, which makes it a desirable companion for any occasion. It displays a calendar at the 6oclock position.

It displays water resistance property for up to 30 meters; so, your watch can survive a little exposure to water but a splurge such as swimming or diving is bound to damage it.


The flat and light Frederique Constant FC306MC4S36 men’s watch has a fair combination of style and practicality. If the light-weight design and the precise artistic engineering of the luxury timepiece compel you to overlook the drawback of the need for manual adjustments, you can wear a winner on your hands. Reference: Frederique Constant

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3) Raymond Weil Men’s “Maestro” Automatic Watch

mens Raymond Weil 2839-STC-00209 Maestro automatic

Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro 2839STC00209 Automatic Watch Review: A member of Raymond Weil’s Maestro series, 2839-STC-00209 combines elegance and engineering.

An automatic watch of Swiss make, the Raymond Weil men’s watch features an artistic design that is exclusive to mechanical watches. It also owns features that make for a durable watch.


  • Classic design
  • Automatic movement with 38-hour energy backup
  • Waterproof till 50 meters
  • Durability of make


Need for reset after loss of energy backup. You may have to adjust the time constantly as automatic watches can lose or gain time every day.


The Raymond Weil Men’s 2839-STC-00209 Automatic watch displays aesthetic excellence and some practical features. It has the extra feature of moonphase indicator, which can be handy if you are a sky-gazer or are into a profession that deals with celestial bodies. You can go for it for the sheer beauty of movement displayed by an automatic watch.

Raymond Weil 2839-STC-00209: Review & Features

Design and Make:

Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro Automatic 2839STC00209 watch comes from a brand that has been in the business of watchmaking for 40 years and reputed for its horological accuracy. This legacy reflects in the make and design of the watch.

This men’s watch is an automatic timepiece. Automatic watches facilitate creation of designs that display watch movements beautifully. They also remove the need for manual winding, which is a major drawback of mechanical watches.

Raymond Weil Men’s 2839-STC-00209 watch has a stainless steel make with black tone within. This Maestro timepiece offers a round stainless steel case and a pattern engraved in the center. An analog display dial features a calendar sub-dial.

The moonphase indicator appears between the 10 and 11 o’clock positions. The skeleton case-back displays intricate watch movements to the wearer’s eye – a pure delight for lovers of mechanical movement watches.

Other features that come together to render a classic look to the timepiece include:

  • Sapphire case crystal
  • Stationary bezel
  • Stainless steel press-pull crown that bears the brand name
  • Silver tone pomme-styled hands
  • Black leather calf-leather strap
  • Stainless steel buckle

Design Practicality and Endurance: Raymond Weil men’s watch (ref: 2839STC00209) incorporates several elements that lend practical usefulness to the wearer.

Sapphire Case Crystal: Sapphire is resistant to scratches and cracks. In addition, the crystal displays anti-glare property, which means you can read time and utilize other features within the watch with utmost clarity.

Leather Strap: The watch band is of genuine calf leather and displays an alligator pattern. While adding elegance, calf leather lasts long and doesn’t demand any maintenance.

Luminescent Dials: You can use your watch even in the dark.

Moonphase Indicator: This utility presents the different phases of moon as they set in, accurately. The feature uses rotating discs to present moon-phase information.

Water Resistance: The timepiece is waterproof till 50 meters. So, you can indulge in swimming with your watch on.

Power Backup: Raymond Weil Men’s 2839-STC-00209 watch offers 38-hour energy backup, which means the watch will work for 38 hours if you are not in the habit of wearing it every day.

Automatic watches run on the energy transferred by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. In case of this Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic, the watch would stop if it has not been on your wrist for more than 38 hours. A re-wind of the watch crown or a slight shake restores operation.


Raymond Weil Men’s 2839-STC-00209 Maestro Automatic watch is a fine example of wristwatch craftsmanship. You could have it in your collection as a lover of artistic watches.

But, if you are seeking practicality, features such as calendar sub-dial, which reduces readability, and moonphase indicator can be disappointing. Have it if you prefer automatic watches. Reference: Raymond Weil

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4) Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 PRC 200 Watch

mens Tissot T0554271101700 PRC 200

Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 PRC 200 Watch Review: Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 watch comes from a legendary brand that has been in the watchmaking business for more than 160 years.

This timepiece combines features of a sports watch with a stylish and classic design, a characteristic exclusive to the Tissot’s PRC 200 series.


  • Lustrous stainless steel body
  • Precision and engineering of automatic movement
  • Watch bezel is thinner, giving the dial more space, which renders greater dial readability
  • Safety clasp and extension facility of strap, which can be useful for divers


  • Energy boot will be required owing to the watch’s automatic technology
  • Lesser time precision, as automatic timepieces lose/ gain time regularly. You need to set time manually at every such instance.


Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 PRC 200 Watch would be a winner with watch lovers that worship the intrinsic craftsmanship of watch movements. It is also considerable if the standard sports watches don’t appeal to you and are looking for something more in terms of design.

Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 Watch: Review & Features


A Swiss make label accompanies Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 PRC 200 watch. High-end 316L stainless steel lends a solid look to the luxury timepiece.

Within a round stainless steel case is a white dial that displays time in Arabic numerals and analog markers.
A number calendar appears at the 3 o’clock position. Three sub-dials at the 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions provide chronograph function.

A stationary stainless steel bezel surrounds a tachymeter. The bracelet is fold-over push button type and comes with a safety clasp and a diver extension.

Luminosity: Tissot T0554271101700 PRC 200 men’s watch uses super luminova technology for watch hands and markers, which means clear readability of timings in the dark.

Chronograph: This functionality allows you to time any activity. The timepiece offers 3 sub-dials – 30-second, 60-minute and a 6-hour dial – to measure elapsed time.


The bracelet is a 316L stainless steel make using fold-over closure mechanism. The bracelet features a safety clasp, which holds the watch in place during vulnerable moments of damage and loss– you may hit the watch unintentionally against a wall or unlock it by mistake, for example.

The bracelet also comes with a diver’s extension. This extension helps you tie your watch on enlarged wrists resulting from wearing a diving suit.

Robust Make

High Grade Stainless Steel: Tissot T0554271101700 PRC 200 Men’s Watch uses 316L grade steel, which means your watch is highly corrosion- and damage-resistant.

Sapphire Case Crystal: This model uses an anti-glare sapphire crystal, which makes the watch highly resistant to cracks, scratches and other damages. The anti-glare property ensures clear dial readability.

Water Resistance:

The model is water resistant till 200 meters, which makes it a reliable diver watch. A screw-down crown prevents water from entering watch interiors.

Automatic Movements

Users and collectors of automatic watches would swear by the precision of movements exhibited by this model. One can view intricate watch movements, which can make the timepiece a collector’s item.

This model would however require manual winding if it loses its energy backup – a common characteristic of automatic watches (automatic watches operate on energy produced by your wrist movements; if you lose a day or two without the watch, they tend to stop).

Tachymeter: This model carries a tachymeter on its outer dial. A tachymeter can be used to measure the speed of an object over a given distance (e.g. 1KM, 100M, etc.). It can also measure distance travelled by an object at a given speed.


The Tissot Men’s T0554271101700 PRC 200 Watch a fine specimen of a luxury watch. If you are looking for a legendary brand with class and style, this model is sure for you.

If you are a sports watch fan and are happy to get a luxury design along, you can go for this model. But, for those who are seeking sheer practicality in your luxury watch, features such as tachymeter, chronograph and the automatic movements may not seem of much use. Reference: Tissot

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5) Oris Aquis Men’s Blue Dial Divers Watch

mens Oris Aquis 733-7653-4155MB Blue Dial

Oris Aquis Men’s Divers Watch 73376534155MB Review: Oris Men’s Blue Dial 73376534155MB has all the features that make for a reliable diver watch.

In addition, it comes with a stylish look. It bears the name of a brand that has been producing classic timepieces for over 100 years.


  • Water resistance depth of 990 feet/ 300 meters
  • Anti-glare sapphire crystal
  • Luminous dial hands and markers, for high dial readability
  • Screw-down crown for greater water resistance
  • Single-directional rotating bezel that offers greater underwater safety
  • Ceramic bezel ensures greater damage resistance


  • Automatic movement necessitates manual winding after loss of power reserve
  • May not be ideal if you plan to use the watch as the only timing device underwater


The Oris Aquis Men’s Divers Blue Dial Watch 73376534155MB is a fine integration of beauty and utility, and is available at an affordable price. It would be a good buy if you are seeking diver features along with rich design and durability.

Oris Aquis Men’s Divers Watch: Review & Features

Oris Aquis 73376534155MB Men’s Blue Dial Divers Watch offers some reliable features that are fundamental to a good diver watch:

Water Resistance Depth: A reliable diver watch is expected to provide a water resistance depth of at least 200 meters to be able to battle diving pressure. The timepiece is water resistance up to 300 meters, thereby catering to diver watch safety requirements.

Case Crystal Material: A diver’s watch must have a robust crystal case to withstand diving pressure. Oris Aquis Men’s 73376534155MB comes with a sapphire crystal, which makes the watch resistant to cracks and scratches. The robustness of the sapphire crystal ensures that the watch face is not damaged due to diving pressure.

Bezel Make and Movement: A bezel is crucial for a diver watch as it enables measurement of time spent under water. The Oris Aquis Divers Watch for men comes with a ceramic bezel, which makes it highly robust and resistant to damages that you could encounter while diving.

The bezel is also unidirectional, which makes it highly safe – if the bezel rotates by mistake, the unidirectional mechanism shows a greater time span under water, rather than a shorter one, which is safer, since you would dive back.

Dial Clarity: You should be able to read your watch under water. Oris Aquis 73376534155MB watch comes with a sapphire crystal that has an anti-glare property, which makes its blue dial highly readable. The dial hands and markers are luminous adding further to watch readability.

Screw-Down Crown: This is important for such mechanism does not allow water to enter the watch while diving.

Automatic Movements:

Oris Aquis 73376534155MB Men’s Divers Watch is an automatic timepiece. It means the timepiece operates on your wrist movements and not on a battery. You would have to wear it nearly every day to keep it functioning.

There is a 38-hour power reserve for this model, which means you can use it for 38 hours if you’ve not been wearing it for a few days. You need to manually wind the crown to resume functioning after this time period.

On the upside, as an automatic timepiece, this Oris Aquis men’s watch gifts you craftsmanship; you can admire the precision of movements exhibited by the timepiece.


Oris Aquis 73376534155MB Men’s Diver Watch is a solid luxury timepiece offering reliable features for your diving needs. It also has features that make it a durable watch.

The automatic precision lends it its aesthetic value. With more positives on its side, this diver’s watch could be worth your buy. Reference: Oris

Final Words

So, there are the bestseller affordable luxury watches for men. Each of the timepieces is affordable (all under $2000) yet sophisticated. So pick the best item and make a style statement.