MICHELE Watches Review: Given so many new brands and models come up in the market on everyday basis, finding timepieces that can exhibit a perfect blend of classic styling and femininity can be a challenging task.

However, MICHELLE is one brand that has managed to make a mark in the industry and is widely known to manufacture classic timepieces for women, timepieces that not only look feminine but also ensure true functionality.

MICHELE Watch Review: 5 Best Women’s Watches

Now let us discuss these timepieces in detail. Below is the MICHELE watches reviews of the 5 most popular watches for women. These are the bestseller timepieces as well.

1) MICHELE Deco Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch

Womens MICHELE Deco Swiss Quartz MW06P01A1046 Watch

MICHELE Deco Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch MW06P01A1046 proves to be a distinct watch with diamond-encrusted case, interchangeable strap, precise Swiss movement and mother-of-pearl dial.
Most women prefer buying Swiss quartz watches that do not neeAdd a touch of sophistication and glamour to your watch collection by investing in this gorgeous piece by MICHELE.

Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of buying this luxury wristwatch. We’ll also discuss some features that will help you make an informed buying.


  • Elegant and versatile in appearance
  • Swiss movement ensures time precision
  • Stainless steel built for durability


Relatively expensive, may not be a suitable timepiece for budgeted buyers but you get what you pay for.


Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Given the functionalities, features and appearance, the MICHELE MW06P01A1046 Signature Deco Diamond Women’s Watch is quite an amazing deal. The timepiece is for women who simply love to adorn their each and every look with a complimenting jewelry. A timepiece that will find a place in both your casual and party wardrobe!


  • Square head featuring mother of pearl dial
  • Diamonds studded markers and bezel
  • Luminous hands complemented by three sub-dials
  • 33 mm stainless steel case
  • Anti-reflective sapphire dial window
  • Swiss quartz movement along with analog display
  • Water resistant up to 50 meter (165 ft)

Most women prefer buying Swiss quartz watches that do not need much maintenance and care. The best part of the MICHELE Signature Deco Diamond watch is that it doesn’t need battery replacement.

The sun light enters through the dial that keeps batteries charged and the watch running. Moreover, MICHELE designers have taken some clever steps while designing the dial by making it appear normal even with tedious functions on the interior part.

On this bangle watch, the dial is simple and elegantly constructed for maximum impact. The design of the MICHELE Deco Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch MW06P01A1046 is a perfect combination between a bracelet and a bangle. The stainless steel band appears like a bangle that is attached to the stainless steel dial.

The overall look of the watch is quite stylist, well-integrated and attractive. The watch also exhibits the bezel crystals that add character and elegance to the dial.

The combination of near-jewelry looks and user-friendly functions gives it a silhouette appeal. Overall, it can be a great option for a woman who loves to wear jewelry-styled luxury watches.


The good news is the MICHELE Deco Swiss Quartz Women’s Watch can be worn tightly fitted or left loose like a bracelet. It is not at all large in size, and offers sophisticated style that most women would appreciate.

As the quartz watch is solar powered, Michele watch battery replacement is not an issue at all. Needless to say, this product delivers all-around designer experience and fine luxury.

All in all, a timepiece you would not regret investing in. Whether you are buying it for yourself or thinking to gift it to your significant other, in either way, the MICHELE Signature Deco Diamond MW06P01A1046 will prove to be an excellent deal.

2) MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Women’s Watch

MICHELE Park MWW06L000013 gold-tone Jelly Bean watch

Beautiful construction, excellent performance and durable — MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Gold Tone White MWW06L000013 Women’s Watch is designed not only to suit the aesthetic and functionality requirements of today’s fast-moving women, but also to cater to the needs of forthcoming generations.

What does luxury mean to you? For some, it is all about elegance and at par functionality, for others it may be something that can last them a few generations.

Luxury is expensive and if we talk about watches, you can actually think of owning one that can last several generations. MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Women’s Gold Tone White Watch MWW06L000013 is one of them.

MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Women’s Watch is a versatile and super smart watch. Anyone, looking to buy a timepiece that can deliver the right pursuit of luxe and appeal, can think of investing in this spectacular wrist watch designed for women of today and tomorrow.


  • Stainless steel built for durability and longevity
  • Silicone band ensures comfortable and secure fit
  • Versatile enough to suit every occasion and event


Expensive, price is a bit on a higher end given the luxury this model is designed to offer.


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

MICHELE Park MWW06L000013 silver-tone Jelly Bean watch

What really ticks off this model is its aesthetics and the features that you don’t really get to see in luxury watches in this price range.

MICHELE Jelly Bean is one watch that ensures something for every lady, even with different tastes and preferences.


  • White dial stainless steel case
  • Swiss Quartz Movement with analog display
  • Chronograph movement
  • Bolder dial size, bezel, and white enamel dial
  • Water Resistance up to 50 meters or 165 feet
  • Rectangle watch with silver-tone pusher
  • Logo embossed crown with studded mother-of-pearl dial
  • Three chronograph sub-dials
  • 33mm Stainless Steel case with mineral dial window
  • Sporty strap: Molded silicone band/strap with buckle closure


33mm white dial stainless steel case with mineral dial window looks really stunning. The robust design ensures that your watch is protected from harsh external elements. MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Women’s Watch – MWW06L000013 is a scratchproof watch.

So if you are too prone to simply throw your watch away at the end of the day, this feature can help you keep it protected from external damages.

Mother of Pearl Dial

A dial with a studded mother of pearl makes this watch more of an investment. Incorporating mother of pearl in the design has become quite a common practice among luxury watch designers.

Perhaps, this key element is in demand and contributes a lot in enhancing the luxury appeal of the timepiece. Logo-embossed crown with studded mother-of-pearl dial makes it a perfect wear for special occasions.


With stainless steel case and dial, a lot of people would expect a stainless band, but this model comes with an exuberant twist. Molded silicone band/strap with buckle closure is something to look forward to.

This feature makes it easy to wear and carry, considering today’s fast paced lifestyle. From day to night look, your MICHELE Jelly Bean ladies watch will complement the transformed look at time of the day.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is an important feature to have and these days you can find it easily in almost all watches. With 50 meters of water resistance capacity that MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Watch provides, you can expect to protect your watches from damages from showering, rain showers, water spills and so on.

However, the MICHELE MWW06L000013 Park Jelly Bean Watch is not suitable to carry the watch along for water activities and sports.


In conclusion, it can be said that MICHELE Park Jelly Bean Women’s Gold Tone White
Watch – MWW06L000013 is one stylish, uber cool and feature-rich model that cater to the needs of modern women.

Versatile in looks, you can carry it off pretty well with most of your day and night outfits. With swizz quartz movement, mother of pearl dial and silicone strap, it is surely a good win for most watch lovers.

Best part is that it may come at a very good deal for regular watch buyers of the brand. If you are still wondering, we suggest you to go to some comments and Michele watches reviews from real buyers in the real world, to be able to make a regret-free buy.

3) MICHELE Urban Diamond Women’s Watch

MICHELE Urban MW02A01A2942 Diamond Womens Watch

MICHELE Watches Review: MICHELE Urban Diamond Watch. If you are looking to invest in a luxury watch that not only looks classy, but also deliver a youthful appeal, the MICHELE Urban Women’s Watch MW02A01A2942 is exactly what you need.

You can buy Michele luxury watch and use it with a variety of brands and straps, make this watch even more tempting.

A brand renowned to deliver only glamorous and fashionable watches, Michele’s women’s watches are something you need in your closet to complete your collection of luxe watches. Michele watches are designed for savvy consumers.

Their timepieces are contemporary and boast bold appeal, which you may not see in many brands. Now you can experiment as much as you like to exhibit the new and unexplored sides of your personality, everyday!

In this MICHELE Urban Diamond Watch review we’ll discuss some pros and cons of owning this model and why it could be a good or a bad idea to invest into one. Is it really your cup of tea?


  • Adorned with eighteen diamonds and mother of pearl dial
  • Makes a good investment piece
  • Durable built and long lasting model
  • Versatile and can be teamed up with any kind of MICHELE strap or buckle


  • MICHELE could have increased water resistance capability a bit more
  • Finding the right match for MICHELE band can be a task for most people
  • Not very affordable, might be expensive for some


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

For many people the flexibility to choose their own strap, the MICHELE Urban Watch MW02A01A2942 proves to be a pretty good deal. The dial is stylish, upbeat and absolutely gorgeous. It is surely going to mark a style statement.


  • Eighteen diamonds markers with overlaid mother-of-pearl dial
  • Anti reflective sapphire crystal
  • Case measures 30mm x 40mm, 29mm diameter
  • Rectangle watch head is built with stainless steel
  • Swiss-quartz movement with analog display
  • Water resistant to 165 feet (50 M)
  • Compatible with 16mm bands

Diamond Markers and Mother of Pearl Dial

A luxury watch with diamond markers and mother of pearl dial… what’s better than that! More than a timepiece that can tell precise time, MICHELE Urban Diamond MW02A01A2942 Women’s Watch is surely an investment piece, given the prices of gems and stones are soaring high with each passing year.

Diamond markers truly make this watch look and feel luxurious from all corners. It is surely a watch you wear to a black tie event.


The case of the MICHELE Urban Watch MW02A01A2942 is 29mm in diameter and measures 30mm x 40mm. It is built with stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of external damages, wearing off or even scratches. The case will keep looking as new as you would like it to be.

Water Resistant

Water resistant to 165 feet is good enough to take a good shower or swim while wearing your timepiece. However, you should avoid carrying it at activities that call for deep water experiences such as snorkeling and diving.

Definitely, you do not have to worry about occasional spillage and rain showers. MICHELE Urban Diamond watch takes pretty good care in that respect.


The watch head is compatible with 16mm band, irrespective of what material and finish you choose. From stainless steel bracelet links to silicone straps, you can practically experiment with anything that appeals you and compliments your attire for the day.

Best part is that you can change the whole look and feel of the watch every day to suit different occasions.


All in all, MICHELE Urban Diamond Women’s Watch MW02A01A2942 is a performance oriented, good looking and versatile timepiece to own. It represents the women of today. Wear yours in a way that best describes you and your personality.

Overall, a must have for women who knows how to empower their personal style. Make sure you take a closer looks at its peculiarities before buying. Every bit of this model will make you fall in love with it.

In this MICHELE watch review we tried to be honest and unbiased. We highlighted both positives and negatives of the item. Hope this helps you make learned purchase decision.

4) MICHELE Deco 16 Diamond Women’s Watch

MICHELE Deco 16 MWW06V000023 Diamond watch womens

MICHELE Deco 16 Watch range has received many accolades, not only from consumers, but also the experts of watch industry.

If we talk about MICHELE Deco 16 Diamond Women’s MWW06V000023 Swiss Quartz Silver Watch, from its looks to precision and quality, everything looks absolutely stunning in the very first look.

Despite being a brand known for its stylish, elegant and ever-lasting watch models, with DECO range, Michele, as a brand became one of the few watchmakers that deliver aesthetic without compromising on the quality and precision.

Even though it may demand you to shed some more money out of your pocket, buying a Michele Deco Diamond Watch will definitely leave you overwhelmed and more than just satisfied!, says one of the watch aficionados we came across during our study of this model.

In this Michele watch review, we’ll try to unfold some basic aspects of this watch to help you make a wiser choice.


  • Diamond studded case makes it a good investment piece
  • Swizz quartz movement ensure time precision
  • Durable built with stainless steel body and bracelet


This Michele Deco Diamond watch is expensive, not for those looking for an affordable watch.


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

Without a doubt, the MICHELE Deco 16 Diamond MWW06V000023 Women’s Watch is a superbly created and elegantly assembled Swiss watch that needs to be a part of your luxury closet. A watch that will uplift your personality just instantly and make you the center of attraction wherever you go!


  • Rectangular watch featuring onion-style crown
  • Diamond-studded case and three sub-dials
  • 29mm stainless steel case with synthetic-sapphire dial window
  • Swiss quartz movement with analog display
  • Stainless steel bracelet with deployant-clasp-with-double-push-button closure
  • Water resistant to 50 m (165 ft)

Diamond Studded Case and Dial

The Luxurious Watch line stands out thanks to its gorgeous diamond studded case. The meticulous production process of each piece is carried out in a state-of-the-art laboratory by a team of skilled horologists and engineers.

Every piece of MICHELE Deco watch has been hand polished, and plated with diverse metals before their final plating in stainless steel. High quality diamonds are set with the use of a microscope.

If we talk about the dial, the boundary is gold plated, with gold and silver markers on a white base. The markers of MICHELE Deco Diamond MWW06V000023 watch are so bright that you won’t have any trouble to tell time even under low light conditions.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

The MICHELE Deco 16 Diamond MWW06V000023 ladies watch features stainless steel bracelet with deployment clasp. The bracelet adds a spark to the whole built, while giving a versatile appeal.

It’s a double tone bracelet that is sure to complement most of your evening outfits, as well as work outfits. The two-tone concept is spread all over the device, giving you a more organized and formal look.

Water Resistant

With water resistant ability of 50 meters, this is not a watch you would want to take for snorkeling or deep water diving. It is a very subtle watch in this respect.

However, you can be worry-less in case of occasional spills and rain showers. If need be, this model can accompany you to your swimming sessions.


Michele has taken a decidedly fashion-skewed angle with its Deco 16 MWW06V000023 ladies watch version. It is a definitely a watch for the luxury class, and we all know price is not really a matter of concern here.

This brand new diamond-encrusted timepiece appears to be a more straightforward answer to those looking to buy a more statement oriented wrist watch.

Pricing is a bit high, but for all the perks that you get in this model, we wouldn’t really say that it is not affordable.

Those interested in the luxurious Michele Deco Diamond watch range can take a closer look at the features and functioning of the model from the brand’s official website, before making the final decision. You should read Michele watches reviews as well.

A watch every woman needs to own to exhibit her class and taste for luxury. And it’s a timepiece every man should get for his beloved to showcase his eternal love. In either way, it is going to be a win-win situation.

5) MICHELE Deco Noir Diamond Black IP Women’s Watch

MICHELE Deco Noir MWW06A000679 Diamond Black IP

MICHELE Watches Review: MICHELE Deco Noir Diamond. Stupendous and luxurious are two words that best describe MICHELE Women’s Deco Noir Diamond Black IP MWW06A000679 watch.
In the very first look, you’ll be able to see the opulence and style that this particular model has to offer.

Ultra light, high-tech and modern, the Michele Deco Noir Diamond Black IP offers an unsurpassed opulence and functionality. While the product is known for its functionality and precision, its aesthetic appeal is one of the most common reasons for people to own it.

Crafted with durable and next-generation luxury material, luminescence dial and stainless steel bracelet, this opulent women’s watch boasts Swiss quartz chronograph movement that complements the quality, precision and accuracy.

In this detailed review, we’ll speak out some key features of Michele Deco Noir Diamond Black IP ladies watch and elaborate some pros and cons of the model that should help you make an informed choice.


  • Swiss quartz movement, no worry about the batteries
  • Mineral crystal protective layer on the dial
  • Robust design, built to last
  • Reasonably priced compared to similar luxury watches


Water resistant capability may not seem to be a good option for most. It is not an idea watch to expose in water for longer.


Editor’s Rating: 4.0/5

MICHELE Deco Noir Diamond Black IP ladies chronograph watch MWW06A000679 is a timepiece that needs no introduction. Its first look says it all. Anyone who owns this timepiece will agree to this fact. It is a stupendous wrist watch that you must own, especially if you are a collector of timeless pieces.


  • Quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal protection
  • Case diameter: 32.9 mm
  • Clasp deployment
  • Stainless-steel band
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)
  • Date display at the 6 o’clock position
  • Chronograph: 3 sub-dials displaying: 60 seconds, 30 minutes

Swizz Quartz Movement

We all know the perks of Swizz Automatic Quartz Movement. An automatic movement works almost similar to manual movements with some addition of a metal-weight, known as rotor. The rotor is connected to the watch movement and designed to rotate freely.

In short, with each movement of your wrist, this rooter spins and transfers energy, automatically winding the mainspring.

Case and Dial

With a diameter of 32.9 mm, the case of the model is strong enough to withstand the external damages. It is made from stainless steel and durable enough to last you a lifetime, provided you take good care of your watches.

Dial, on the other hand, features luminous hands, Chronograph – three sub-dials displaying: 60 seconds, 30 minutes and date display at the 6 o’clock position. It is completely dull black in color with white markers all over to help you tell time easily.

Stainless Steel Band

Luxury and stainless steel bands go hand in hand. Most people prefer to buy luxury watches that ensure the reliability and durability of a stainless steel.

Stainless steel band in Michele women’s Deco Noir Diamond Black IP chronograph watch MWW06A000679 is not atypical.

The MICHELE black diamond chronograph comes in a beautiful contrast of steel and black that makes this model a versatile piece to own. Whether you are heading to a formal gathering or a date, this watch will stand by all your fashionista tastes.

Water Resistant

Most luxury watches are water resistant, but only a few prevents water damages. With water resistant capacity of only 165 feet or 50m, the MICHELE Deco Noir Diamond Black IP Bracelet Watch is suitable for everyday use.

The MICHELE luxury watch for ladies is not for deep water activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling or water sports. Make sure you keep your watch away when planning to indulge in water sports or swimming. It is not really a strong option in this respect.


All in all, the MICHELE women’s Deco Noir Diamond Black IP chronograph watch MWW06A000679 is an excellent watch to invest in. With innovative features, automatic movement and durable built, it is definitely a timepiece that is build to last.

The best part is it lies under the average price range that makes this timepiece an easy to buy option for many people. If you are thinking to buy your first luxury watch, this could just be the one! Hope this MICHELE watches review will help you get the best deal.

MICHELE Watches Review: Your Luxury Indulgence


Watch is an important accessory for every individual. This particular piece of accessory not just enhances personality of a person, but also reflects an individual’s personality and taste.

Apparently, female watches have less varieties as compared to men’s watches. But there is one brand that has dedicated its entire range to women to prove this concept wrong and that brand is MICHELE.

If you are a man, you may not be familiar with this brand as this company only manufacturers luxury watches for women. Perhaps, they offer a wide selection of line with elegant and beautiful styling.

If you are a watch aficionado, navigating through these gorgeous timepieces will take you on a luxury tour of ageless and glamorous movement of time. The brand celebrates the contemporary fashion fused with excellent craftsmanship and expertise.

MICHELE watches for women are about class and status, featuring diamond accents, gold-tone finishing and also mother of pearl detailing. However, you can also find a couple of lines that are truly dedicated for casual wear. We think you’ll agree that this brand is indulged into creating pieces that look gorgeous on any woman’s arm.

i) MICHELE Gold watches

If you are a watch lover, you must be having not one, but many gold watches. Michele’s Gold watch range is one of the must-haves as well. Many of the models in this luxury watches feature diamonds and mother of pearl dial.

These watches are shiny and ultimately gorgeous. Most of their models are absolutely stunning, great if you spend a lot of time attending formal events.

ii) MICHELE Rose Gold Watches

Sporty-looking and still luxurious, if fun watches are your idea of wearing time, Rose Gold MICHELE watches are exactly what you want. Available in dazzling range of colors and shades, this range allows you to show off your daring side without compromising the spark of femininity.

The MICHELE Rose Gold Watch range is definitely a show-stopper for all occasions and events. MICHELE ladies watches in rose gold collection are gorgeous and will be the perfect drop dead accessory you need this season.

iii) MICHELE Deco Diamond Watches

The MICHELE deco watches are beautifully crafted with state of art materials and decorated with diamonds. This collection features stainless steel bracelets and leather straps, while the dial comes in regular rectangular shape.

The collection is divided into a series of watches including Deco Safari, Signature Deco, Deco 16, Deco Glamour, Deco Diamond White Ceramic, Deco Modern, Deco Classic and MICHELE Baguette.

iv) MICHELE Serein Diamond Watches

Over one hundred glittering diamonds and signature numerals – Michele Serein collection is a true reflection of style, class and elegance. Anyone who loves to adorn their wrist with beautiful and glamorous accessories just can’t miss to have this one.

Featuring roman numerals, signature MICHELE logo, silver tone chronograph dial and stainless steel bracelet, these MICHELE ladies watches will be true companion for your evening affairs. Additionally, you can interchange straps with any 18mm straps from the same brand.

v) MICHELE CSX Watches

The Michele CSX collection was the first collection ever introduced by the brand. It consists of timepieces decorated with diamonds, which make a great way to adorn the wrists. Apparently, MICHELE CSX Diamonds was the first watch to be manufactured by Michele.

A wonderful watch – it offers beautiful details loved by women of all ages and preferences. This is the reason this collection is still on the shelves and seems to always be. The reason this collection became so popular is because its style and construction was something that was lacking in many watches of those times.

vi) MICHELE Urban Watches

The Urban collection of Michele constitutes of watches that are highly modern, glamorous and absolutely practical for people from all walks of life. The collection constitutes of watches, such as MICHELE Urban Glamour, MICHELE Urban XL, MICHELE Urban Sky, MICHELE Urban Park and the MICHELE Mini.

All the watches under this collection come with large and attractive numerals that make it easy to read time. This is also a feature that usually attracts buyers looking for a statement wrist watch.

vii) MICHELE Sport Sail Watches

MICHELE Sports Sail collection is a unisex collection. It is both fun and functional. MICHELE Sport Sail watches are designed for women who like to combine luxury with sporty look. The enamel dial is encircled with a bezel and decorated with ninety six diamonds.

This collection is more of an investment piece. In all the watches from this collection, the date window is placed at the six o’clock position, the case is 42mm in diameter, have attractive dial in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold tone, and the strap comes in stainless steel bracelets. The best part is that you can choose your own bracelet.
These watches are water resistant up to 50 meters.

viii) MICHELE Cape Watches

One of the youngest collections, the Michele Cape collection is designed keeping in mind the needs of modern day people. People who love to run errands will definitely enjoy a watch like this.

Available in cool, sporty and chic colors, the cape collection features warm hues, silicon strap, slender silicone bezel and sparkling topaz stone.

The MICHELE Cape Watch collection is to pamper the spirits of people who enjoy being sporty even at work. Suitable for both casual and formal wear, the MICHELE Cape collection is definitely a must have.


MICHELE Watch Bands and Straps

MICHELE Watches is best known for their luxury women’s watches and interchangeable straps. MICHELE watch straps are made from fine alligator and calfskin leathers. The interchangeable straps come in a range of vibrant and cool colors.

MICHELE Watch Bands are available in different sizes. Most popular being the Michele watch bands 20mm, 18mm, 16mm and Michele watch bands 12mm.

Michele Watches: Interchangeable Straps and their Adaptability

Where Are Michele Watches Made?

One of the most famous and women oriented brands, the history of MICHELE dates back to 1940s, when Maurice Borough, the famous watchmaker, designed some of the exquisite luxury timepieces. Soon he became a leading watch maker in the industry and then there was no turning back.

MICHELE Watches is a globally recognized premier watch brand. Initially manufactured in Belgium, MICHELE watches for women are made in Miami, Florida. Now a part of Fossil Group, their service centers are located across the globe.

Where to Buy MICHELE Watches?

Well, where to buy Michele watches? There are several online and offline retail outlets where you can buy MICHELE ladies watches. However, the best online MICHELE watch stores are Jomashop, eBay, Amazon and Michele.com.

Michele.com is their official site. On the other hand, eBay.com and Amazon.com are probably the most trusted online marketplaces to buy wrist watches. Sometimes you can find discount MICHELE watches at these shops.

While you can Buy MICHELE Watches at several other places, make sure you read real users’ and buyers’ reviews.

Since you are going to buy luxury MICHELE watches and investing a few hundred or even thousand dollars on a women’s watch, it’s really helpful to read Michele watches reviews before you make a buying decision. Moreover, there you can get relatively cheap MICHELE watches at the MICHELE watches for sale.

Final Words

Final words on MICHELE watches reviews: Of all the different timepieces available in the market, MICHELE is a brand that has come with a wider and much innovative collection of luxury watches for women. This ensures that the watch brand have something for everyone.

The MICHELE watches reviewed here are among the most popular Michele ladies watches. These are the bestsellers in the women’s luxury watch category as well. All the collections are varied from each other, without having even one component similar. In short, every MICHELE watch collection has its own individualistic character.

MICHELE watches for women are beautiful and you’re going to love it. Best part is that they are not particularly inexpensive. Michele watches are reasonably well built and should last for many years. They’ll also turn heads everywhere you go. Go indulge yourself because you simply deserve it.