Most Expensive Watches: If you are someone who simply loves to collect watches, you must have definitely wondered about the most expensive watches in the world.

Probably, you have spent a good time researching about them.

If we talk about million dollar watches, there is no doubt that these precious timepieces come with intricate detailing and world class technology.

Diamonds, gems and expensive stones are a very common sight for anyone looking to buy a luxury watch.
Even though they come with complicated mechanism, these are rare timepieces that will deliver accurate information while making you look your gorgeous best. These complexities and luxe appeal definitely increase the selling price of expensive watches in the world.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Watches

Here are the world’s 5 most expensive watches that you just can’t miss. Let us look at them in detail:

1) The Breguet Grande Marie-Antoinette

Price: $10,000,000

Breguet most expensive watches

Originally designed by Breguet, the watch is self winding, and comes with a minute repeater, equation of time, jumping hour, perpetual calendar, bimetallic thermometer and power reserve indicator – perhaps everything but MMS messaging.

Breguet took over 40 years to construct the original. Sadly, he dies before it was completed. When Swatch acquired Breguet, they reproduced the watch using the images of the original. So far, Breguet has received offers in eight digit range, but refuses to sell.

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2) The Patek Caliber 89

Price: $5,100,000+

most expensive watches Patek Caliber 89

Priced over $5,100,000, the Patek Caliber 89 would require you to sell 3.5 Bugatti Veyrons. Irony is that if you can afford 3.5 Bugatti, you surly can afford this watch too. It’s all about perspective and vision.

So what makes this model worthy of its price? For starters, Caliber comes with one of the most complicated functions, integrating all the traditional watch making techniques on the planet.

With more than 30 complications, this model requires a great degree of engineering. In short, from thermometer to star chart, it practically has everything but the kitchen sink.

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3) Patek Philippe Ref 5016P

Price: $760,000+

most expensive watches Patek Philippe Ref 5016P

Known as one of the most significant watches ever made, the Patek Philippe Ref 5016P is an all platinum watch, and supposedly, second most complicated watch in the world.

The best part is that Patek Philippe has an app for tackling all the problems with this watch. Some of the major highlights include — moonphase, retrograde behemoth and perpetual calendar.

With these features, one of the most expensive watches, this model definitely need no adjustments to be done till 2100. Apparently, something you can pass on from generations to generations.

4) Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1

Price: $400,000

most expensive watches Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1

Complicated and feature-rich, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 comes with a tourbillon – something that you don’t see in many watches.

A wrist mounted anti-gravity device, this feature prevent gravity from adversely affecting the precision and efficiency of the model.

5) Patek Philippe Tiffany & Co Ref 1436 Split Seconds

Price: $350,000+

most expensive watches Patek Philippe Tiffany Ref 1436

Emblazoned with Tiffany & Co., the Split Seconds Patek Philippe Reference 1436 is an extremely fine and rare timepieces.

Integrating Breguet numerals and original box in the design, the watch actually has the ability to time two events that start and end at different times.

The case retains the original proportions of the device and show offs beautiful Swiss gold marks. Its overall appearance certainly justifies being a connoisseur’s choice of fine timepieces in the world.

So these are the most expensive watches in the world. What are you waiting for? Of course, you may not be able to buy these models, but there’s no harm is researching about them. A good research is definite to feed your enthusiastic soul, for good!