What are the top Swiss watch brands to buy in 2017? The term ‘Swiss Made’ has always been associated with luxury and ‘grandeur’. Regardless of the exact manufacturing site of these products, we have always enjoyed the mere feeling of possessing anything that refers itself to as “Swiss Made”.

Watches are no different! For decades, the idea of owning a Swiss-made watch has evoked a sense of elegance, pride, and class within. What is it that makes Switzerland the most celebrated producer of some of the best watches in the world?

Well, the land is involved with watchmaking craft and earned a reputation way back in the 16th Century. The Swiss are the pioneers in producing automatic/self-winding watches.

Review of the 10 Top Swiss Watch Brands

We’ve compiled the reviewed some of the top Swiss watch making brands that maintains very high standards of quality. Here’re the top 10 Swiss Watch Brands (in reverse order). So let us discuss them in detail:

10) TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Mens WAH1010.BA0854 Formula 1 Grande Date Watch

TAG Heuer is yet another highly revered Swiss manufacturing company. It is renowned for designing, manufacturing, and marketing luxury watches and fashion accessories.

For decades, the company has been recognized as the world leader for chronograph timepieces and luxury sports watches. These watches are combined with revolutionary features.

TAG Heuer is widely admired for its premium quality, precision, and incredible accuracy. The watches from the one of the best watch brands inspire excellence in the field of sports. TAG Heuer is also acknowledged for unique and innovative designs.

All of the watches are integrated with cutting edge technology. These are built with high-end materials to ensure they last for a lifetime. TAG Heuer watches are for those who value quality, luxury, and brilliant performance.

9) Omega


Omega, the eminent Swiss watch making company has continued its presence as a high-end watch maker. Lending credibility and prominence to the term ‘Swiss Made’, the brand is one of the most admired watch brands among watch lovers across the globe.

NASA has chosen ‘Omega Speedmaster’ for its Apollo mission. This is the testament for brand’s quality. The “Moonwatch” became the first watch ever worn to the Moon. Also Read: Best Watches Under 1000: Top 10 Watches Compared

The brand is one of the favourites in James Bond movies. In 1917, Royal Flying Corps was chosen by Britain as its official timekeepers for combat units. Some of the most famous Omega wearers include Prince William, John F. Kennedy, and Buzz Aldrin. Overall, Omega is one of the top Swiss watch brands in the world.

8) Tissot

mens Tissot-T17158652-PRC-200 Watches

Tissot is a popular luxury Swiss watch manufacturer founded by father and son duo Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot in the year 1853 Switzerland.

The brand introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch in 1853 and the first pocket watch displaying two time zones the same year. Later on, the company carved a niche for itself in the luxury timepiece market by introducing the first anti-magnetic watch. This watch came into the market in 1929–30.

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The brand has been playing the Official Timekeeper for a huge number of major sports such as Ice Hockey, MotoGP, Cycling, International Basketball Association (FIBA), and several others for many years.

Presently, Tissot is one of the most adored by timepiece collectors and aficionados across the globe. Definitely one of the top Swiss watch brands!

7) Longines

Longines Pulsometer Chronograph-bwbh

Longines is a popular watch company founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832. Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland the brand is presently owned by the Swatch Group.

Its popular logo, (winged hourglass) is the oldest registered logo for a watch manufacturer. Longines is long associated to its ‘Aviators’ watches.

The brand has been one of the pillars of the watch making industry since the year 1832. Renowned for exquisite collection of finely crafted timepieces, Longines provides a super stunning range of watches for luxury watch lovers.

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One of the top Swiss watch brands, Longines is also celebrated for its commitment to create charming range of ladies’ timepieces under sensual feminine names such as PrimaLuna and DolceVita.

The brand of exquisite wrist-watches have been a hot favorite of eminent Hollywood celebrities including Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and several contemporary and yesteryear athletes, movie and music stars.

6) Swatch

Mens Swatch SVCK4032G Stainless Steel Analog Gold Dial Watch

Swatch is one of the top Swiss watch brands best known for its simple yet trendy watch designs. The watch maker designs, manufactures, distributes, and services high quality wristwatches. Their watches are sold under the brands: ‘Flik Flak’ kids watches and ‘Swatch’.

The company is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group introduced way back in the year 1983 by Nicolas Hayek. This successful launch of Quartz also marked end of quartz crisis that occurred in the 1980s.

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The introduction of Swatch was revolutionary in 1983. The brand is the trendsetter with their highly affordable plastic Swiss luxury watch. The introduction turned the entire world of timepieces upside down. Here, the watch became much more than a medium to measure time. A watch by Swatch became a true expression of joy.

5) Cartier

mens Cartier W6701011 Ronde Solo

Cartier is a pioneer in watchmaking. The watch brand has been long associated with style, elegance, and passion in the field of precision watchmaking.

The brand created the first wristwatch and even revolutionized design for watchmaking design by introducing a rectangular dial. Cartier watches are widely revered for passion mechanisms and a unique amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and character.

The company was founded by Louis-François Cartier with its headquarters in Paris. Cartier enjoys a long history of popularity among elite, celebrities, and royals. It was referred to as the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers by King Edward VII of England.

4) IWC

mens IWC IW356502 Portofino Automatic Watch

IWC, the International Watch Co. is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1868 with its headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The company is also an active member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.

IWC is widely recognized for being the major factory for Swiss watches in eastern Switzerland. They are the manufacturer of luxury watches holding the legacy of producing excellent watch designs allowing owners to express their style, personality, and true selves through it.

The company is fully aware of the fact that certain standards must be observed. Hence, it creates items with out of box, unique designs. This inspires the company in bringing out unique projects admired and loved by watch lovers across the globe making IWC among the top Swiss watch brands.

3) Breguet

mens Breguet Classique 18kt Rose Gold

Breguet is a very popular Swiss manufacturer. It creates exquisite luxury watches and is highly appreciated and loved for introducing the best timepieces.

Founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris , the brand is presently a part of The Swatch Group. The company produced the first watch in the year 1810. The timepieces created by the company are now produced in Switzerland (Vallée de Joux).

Breguet is one of the oldest surviving establishments in the field of watch manufacturing. It is also the pioneer of a huge number of watch-manufacturing technologies including the ‘tourbillon’. Breguet watches are well-known for their cases in the shape of coin-edge, typical blue pomme hands, and guilloché dials.

2) Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Ref 5016P

If it is about incessant innovations in the field of timepieces, Patek Philippe & Co is the name one fancies. The brand impeccably amalgamates brilliant technology and exquisite design in every timepiece they produce.

Right from eye catching vintage watches to the technologically advanced contemporary designer watches, the watch company infuses distinct beauty in virtually all types of watch it makes. The company understands the requirements of its customers and exceeds their expectations each time.

Watch lovers can choose from the simplest of watches to the most complicated ones available under the brand as per their requirement. Patek Philippe’s eminence and prestige is definitely a pride for owners to flaunt to the society. None of their timepieces will let you down ever.

1) Rolex

mens Rolex Submariner watch 114060

Rolex is definitely the most popular and instantly recognized Swiss watch brand. The largest producer of Swiss made certified chronometers has been listed as one of the Top 100 Brands for year 2007 by the Business Week magazine. This was the highest ranking received by a watchmaker.

The immense popularity of the brand and recognition as one of the finest watch makers in the world has helped Rolex carry a unique distinction over other nations across the globe producing premium quality watches.

Rolex watch are known to offer the best return on investment. And why not, the Swiss watch maker produces the best quality watches. Founded in the year 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, the company shifted its operations to Geneva, Switzerland after a decade and a half in 1919.

Forbes ranked the brand No.57 on its prestigious list of the ‘World’s Most Powerful Global Brands’ for the year 2012. The largest luxury watch manufacturer produces about two thousand watches per day.

What Is A Swiss-Made Watch?

Image courtesy: FHS official website

If you are a watch aficionado, you must have encountered the term “Swiss made” or “made in Switzerland” almost every time when you talk about watches. Watch lovers use these terms to define the quality of their highly valued luxury watches.

Swiss watches carry their own reputation and there is no denying to this fact. It is surprising that a small country like Switzerland can product some of the most amazing and luxuriously sound watches. The sheer class and style statement is worthy of each and every penny that you spent on these luxury timepieces.

So what does “Swiss made” actually mean? Does it mean the entire watch has been constructed in Switzerland, or just a few parts of it, like, movement? Let’s study more about the Swiss luxury watch brands:

1. What Does It Mean To Be ‘Swiss-Made’ Watch?

What is Swiss Made? “Swiss made” is a concept of quality that not only delivers the technical quality such as, accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance, but also exhibits par aesthetic quality and originality in terms of designing.

Essentially, Swiss luxury watches have emerged as the ultimate stamp for quality, precision and craftsmanship. If a watch that you buy adheres by these rules, it can be affixed with the label of “Swiss Made”:

i) Its movement is Swiss
ii) Its movement is cased up in Switzerland
iii) Final inspection is carried out in Switzerland

2. Difference between Swiss-Made Watch and Swiss Movement

i) Swiss Made

Swiss luxury watch companies use the concept of Swiss quality based on the amount of work carried out on a watch in Switzerland. Some watches may even use a couple of foreign components, but they are still considered Swiss made.

It, therefore, requires that the assembly work on the movement and on the watch itself should be carried out in Switzerland. Apart from this, the final testing of the movement is also done in Switzerland itself.

ii) Swiss Movement

A movement is considered to be Swiss when it has been assembled in Switzerland and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland itself. Along with this, about 50% components of Swiss manufacturer should account in the total manufacturing process.

3. How to Buy Swiss Luxury Watches?

Most watches, whether manual or automatic, luxury or not, will give you accurate time. However, only a few fall into the category of an absolutely luxury timepiece.

Many luxury watches and brands have been around for over a century and if you are looking to buy your first Swiss timepiece, it will pay to understand the factors that you should keep in mind when making the purchase.

Choosing Your Style

The first and final question is to ask yourself about the ‘purpose’ of the purchase. Do you want to go for a sleek chronograph or a professional looking timepiece? Do you like jewel encrusted piece that can be worn on special occasions? Once you are at it, finding a suitable option will be easy.

Features to look for when buying a Swiss luxury watch:

Movement – Movement can be automatic, mechanical or quartz. Most luxury timepieces come with mechanical movements. However, some watches boast the benefits of automatic movements to make things easier for the wearer.

Band – You may choose between metal, leather and rubber band. The occasion and purpose of the purchase should help you decide on this factor. Many fine luxury watches use stainless steel bracelets.

On the other hand, leather straps are a bit more casual as compared to metal bracelets, and deliver more toned-down look. Leather straps may come in lizard, calfskin, or alligator patterns.

Case – Widely available options include round, rectangular, tonneau or square shape case. Most luxury watches are available in round and rectangular.

Materials – Luxury watches are made of wide array of expensive materials, such as gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, and titanium. Your budget plays a great factor in deciding the material. Many luxury watches use 14kt or 18kt yellow gold in the band or case. The most expensive metal used in watchmaking manufacturing is platinum.

Gems – If you see a Swiss-made luxury watch more of an investment, buying a piece with encrusted gems and diamonds can prove to be a good decision. Diamond watches exhibit a sense of glamour and even opulence.

Final Words

Right from the delectable world famous cheese to chocolates, the bank account, and army knife, many of us have always established positive associations with products and brands to the romantic Switzerland.

With eminent brands listed above, it is not difficult to guess why Swiss watches are admired and loved worldwide by timepiece aficionados, sportsmen, royalties, and movie stars. Owning one is a dream for all. The top Swiss watch brands discussed here are also the world’s most popular watch companies.

Now that you are close to understanding what exactly are Swiss made watches, buying one should not seem to be a problem. If you can afford, buying a Swiss luxury timepiece can prove to be an investment of a lifetime.