Watch buying guide for men: A timepiece on your wrist is an integral part of your entire outfit. With the right kind of watch, you can make your style speak for itself.

Therefore, it is very important to pay proper attention to various factors, when it comes to buying a watch.

Apart from style and brand, you should also look for proper mechanism of the watch.

Here is our watch buying guide to help you navigate through the maze of buying that perfect timepiece. So let us discuss the buying tips one by one.

5-Point Watch Buying Guide for Men

1) Fit is Everything

No matter which brand you are going to pick or which style you are going to choose, the utmost factor that needs to be paid attention to is the fit. The watch should complement your proportions, without overwhelming them.

It is especially important in the case of sports watches or outdoor watches, which generally have chunky design. Before committing to buying a watch, try it on your wrist. If you have burly hands and wrist, then go for bigger watches as the regular size will look too dainty.

Similarly, if you happen to have thin wrists, then stick to classic, minimalistic designs. The watch should also sit comfortably on your wrist, to facilitate long term use. If a watch is too heavy or too big, then it will prove to be uncomfortable for prolonged wearing.

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The band should be neither too big nor too small. Tight band will dig into your wrist while big band will make the watch fall off. Yes, fit is everything, so we put at as the first requirement in this watch buying guide for men.

2) What’s Your Style?

As tempting it is to pick a watch which is an all-rounder, it still pays to spend time figuring out the real use of the watch.

Your watch buying process will be quite different if you are going for a sporty watch rather than a dress watch.

There are many watches in the market today which can help you make smooth transition from one situation to another.

For example, a well crafted sports watch made with high quality metal can be used for semi-formal purposes as well, provided you accessorize it properly with smart casual outfit.

Despite such versatility, every watch tends to lean towards one or other style. If you think you are going to wear the watch mainly for socializing purpose, go for a watch which is classic yet trendy. It may have quirky design to offset its traditional style.

Likewise, if you are going to wear the watch to your workplace, then pick a timepiece with fine quality metal round case, coupled with leather band sporting exotic finish. This way, the watch will be suitable for both the steadfast corporate environment as well as for the casual party scene.

Some watches come with replaceable bands, which also offer an attractive proposition. A watch dial will give completely different vibes with a leather band or a grosgrain band. This is the second tips of watch buying guide for men.

3) Personalized Appeal

5 tips watch buying guide for men

Watch is a highly personal accessory, so make sure the brand or style you pick is the one you can live with, day in and day out, for many years to come.

Generally, it is advisable to forego ultra-trendy watches and settle for classic faces, since such watches tend to remain appealing for a long time. These watches are also better designed to stand the vagaries of changing fashion.

However, if you have your mind set on a watch with a particularly style, go for it. In such cases, wait for some time to see if you still hanker for that watch. Once you have satisfied yourself that your choice is solid and not merely fleeting, make the purchase.

Also make sure that the watch has comfortable fit for you. No matter how much you like the looks of a watch, it is almost guaranteed that the watch will just sit in your cupboard if it does not have proper fit for you. Personalized appeal is our third parameter for this men’s watch buying guide.

4) What’s Inside the Box?

When it comes to watches, substance is as, if not more, important than style. The biggest function of a watch is to keep and tell proper time. This is ensured by the movement of the watch. Modern watches may have digital, mechanical or quartz movement.

Although, mechanical movements are considered to be the touchstone, but nowadays, quartz or digital movement watches are equally honored by watch connoisseurs. The watch should not only be able to keep proper time but should also be able to tell time properly as well.

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High quality watches come equipped with anti-reflective coating so that you can tell the time even under bright light conditions. Similarly, make sure that your watch sports luminous coating as well, to facilitate low light reading.

Solid and reliable internal mechanism is important. It’s the fourth factor of this watch buying guide for men. Ideally, the coating should not require bright light for achieving luminosity. For checking this feature, simply cup your hands over the watch and the markers should pop up.

5) How is the Body and Case?

A watch generally goes through a lot of wear and tear. So make sure that the watch you are going to pick is up to the task. The watch case should be made from high quality metal. Generally, stainless steel provides biggest bang for your buck.

You can go for brushed look or polished style. Many watches combine these looks for maximum appeal and durability. Pay close attention to the material to see that it is smooth and even.

Cheap coatings wear off real soon, making your watch look old and spent. Tough material and trendy case shape makes your watch durable and elegant – it’s the fifth and last tip of our watch buying guide for men.

Final Words

Pay attention to wrist band as well. The band may be metal, rubber, suede, leather or any of the other umpteenth materials. However, in all the cases, it should have uniform finish, which generally epitomizes high quality crafting.

The dial face of the watch should also be easy to use. The numerals, markers and hands should be of high quality and design to ensure that you can tell the time with least effort.